28 December 2016


John Tchicai, alto saxophone, bass drum, sudanese zebra drum, coptic church drum, pakhawaj, voice, piano (on A3)

Hartmut Geerken, piano, voice, gargling, whistle, rubab, dun harp, swarmandal harp, afghan sarangi,
tabla, wuhan gong, egyptian gongs, peking opera gongs, finger cymbals, egyptian circus cymbals,
egyptian waterseller's cymbals, finger cymbals, sudanese zebra drum, congas, lead camel bell,
egyptian donkey bells, afghan bells, egyptian ramzan drum bells, cappadocian door bells,
byzantine bells, waterphone, triangle, dar, beer tin, zallari, tibetan chinkas, sahara screw,
parnes steel, tibetan boo-chals, clockwork organ

A1. Marching Cara Cara     1:01
A2. I Saw A Continent     5:47
A3. To The President Of The Heavenly Empire     6:39
A4. The Indians Of The Continent     2:16
A5. The Dignity In The Belly     2:38
B1. Juanschukai Is Baader     5:17
B2. Maja Thurup     5:48
B3. Oktana A.E.     4:00
B4. Towards The Force World Age     6:04

Recorded at "Ploutashos Studios", Kifissa, Athens, October 18, 1980.

Praxis CM 102 (vinyl rip)


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