10 November 2016


David S. Ware's first recordings have been reissued on the AUM Fidelity label; this includes the original Hat Hut LP, together with some other takes from those sessions. First listening is very positive - the influences of Ayler and Coltrane are clear, but there's also the energence of a strong new voice with tremendous energy and vision.

Disc One – Birth Of A Being
1 .Prayer .(10:54)

2 .Thematic Womb.(16:34)
3 .A Primary Piece #1 .(13:48)
4 .A Primary Piece #2. (12:00)

Disc One – Birth Of A Being (Expanded)
5 .Prayer [alt. take]. (12:07)

6 .Cry .(14:06)
7 .Stop Time .(17:05)
8 .Ashimba [C-M]. (2:30)

.Solo .(6:56)

David S. Ware : tenor saxophone
Cooper Moore : piano, ashimba
Marc Edwards : drums

A strong and demanding music by 

Piano – Anthony Pateras
Trumpet – Scott Tinkler
Violin – Erkki Veltheim

After the last two notifications are reissues I would like to recommend a music by three relatively unknown musicians (I assume...).
Erkki Veltheim was unknown to me until I've heard this CD in September.
Tinkler and Pateras I do follow since about 15 years, albeit separately as this seems to be their first recorded collaboration.
And four weeks after I discovered this dense music they came to Munich were I was lucky to hear and see them playing at least as strong as on the CD in the pink cover.


We've posted this early example of European Free Jazz about six years ago.
Off course we've deleted the link after the vinyl reissue was available.
This is one of the so called "holy grails" where the nimbus is on a par with the quality of the music.


For those who weren't able or willing to get the LP in 2011 the German label JazzHausMusik has thankfully reissued it on CD with an extra title.
"Portiques Indéformables" and "Emprise Ferroviaire" are my favourite tracks.
Dark moods - excellent!



Got this gorgeous box-set today. Shall listen to it immediately after I finish this post.
But I already enjoy the way it is designed.
Each box-set is unique in its appearance.  And a - for me - quite important feature is the haptic sensation the printing offers to my fingers, (rather not the tongue ;-)
Unpredictable Series is the label's name. Which to me is a fitting description for the group's music.
Take also a look at this affiliated website. 
Available at least since mid June........

Here is the label's description:
Every boxset contains 4 previous unreleased albums of Alterations plus a booklet and 5 postcards with work of Terry Day and photographs of Gerárd Rouy. Every box is unique, designed and handmade by Blanca Regina.

Compilation 1979-1985 / Total CD 01:05:49.08
Live at Arts Theatre Club 1986 / Total CD 00:54:58.08
Live at Frankfurt 1983 / Total CD 00:59:50.20
Live at Iklectik, London 2015 / Total CD 01:04:15.17

Sound mastering by Dave Hunt.
CD screenprinted covers produced at Create Space London.

Prologue by Steve Beresford & Blanca Regina
Where Is the Straw People? David Toop
Into the mix by Terry Day
Atmospheres morph by Dave Hunt
Freedom to... by Greta Pistaceci
Sufficiently Subversive by Mike Cooper
32 pages. Redeem paper and foil blocking
Booklets made at London Book Arts.

Artwork by Terry Day and Gérard Rouy
Limited edition of 50


The Jimmy Giuffre 3 with Paul Bley and Steve Swallow only lasted about a year, but their work, which ranged from blues to tempo-less group improvisation, became a major influence on a wide variety of subsequent music from 'soft jazz' to 'hard-core' free improvisation. This double CD reissues their only known well-recorded concerts, originally released in 1992/3 on hat ART 6071/2. In addition, there are six previously unissued performances from the Bremen concert, three trios and three piano/bass duets. Also included are the two tracks from their FUSION album which were not included in the ECM double-album reissue. 158 minutes. (Released on October 13, 2016)
You can get it directly from Emanem

I would like to add that the Graz recording isn't so bad soundwise either - for a bootleg.

Here  Maybe the tapes are still available at the ORF.......only asking

Scheduled for 5th November, 2016.

Disc 1 (49:25)

Manfred Schoof Quintett:

1.   Roots And Collage (7:28)

2.   Voices (12:04)

3.   Rhythm Change (6:09)

Wolfgang Dauner Trio:

4.   Tape (17:30)

Gunter Hampel Quartett:

5.   Renonciation (6:14)

Disc 2 (46:39)

Dick van der Capellen Trio:

1.   Peace (12:04)

Peter Brötzmann Trio:

2.   Intensity (4:38)

3.   Variability (6:51)

Joe Viera  Quartett:

4.   Ambigious Discussion (6:53)

5.   River Thames (7:09)

6.   Salute To Roland (Kirk) (9:04)


April 30, 1966, at Jahrhunderthalle & May 1, 1966 at the Volksbildungsheim, Frankfurt/Germany.


rev.b said...

Wow, that does look good.

Nod said...

Hello Ernst

I suppose it will be released by be.free, has it been previously released in lp and if yes have you got the link on a discogs page?

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Yes Be.free is the label in charge.
And no, it wasn't released before on LP. It's the first proper release.
Five CDs upcoming in November on Be.free.

Nick said...

That was "Modern At The German Jazz Festival"

Clifford Allen said...

Be Free isn't exactly a proper release... I'd like to see the checque stubs!

Anonymous said...

Talking of new releases another must hear from Evan parker on his PSI label

psi 16.01 EVAN PARKER as the wind (2012)
A 2012 set of trio improvisations by EVAN PARKER playing soprano saxophone, MARK NAUSEEF playing metallophone based percussion and TOMA GOUBAND playing lithophone based percussion. Recorded by genius engineer Adam Skeaping in the warm, natural acoustics of St Peters, Whitstable. Parker feels strongly that this is one of the best records he has ever made. 61 minutes.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

The new Evan Parker CD on psi is already ordered and I hope I can listen to it tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

Love to hear your thoughts on the new EP Cd

kinabalu said...

May I just add that this is post no. 2500 on this blog. Not bad, eh?

Anonymous said...

Kinabalu - wow 2500 time for a fanfare guys

Tantris said...


I'd also like this particular post to grow over time, so that recommendations and notifications of new releases can become part of inconstant sol, to complement its existing mix. A bit like the freejazzblog, perhaps, which has become a key resource for me in finding new music.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

A quarter myriad of posts. Quite a kind of an Anabasis.

Lucky said...
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corvimax said...

excellent post, I didnt know about Ressuage. I'm listening now and is a dope

Tantris said...

I've included a reference to the reissue on AUM Fidelity of David S. Ware's first recordings.

Any comments on the new Evan Parker issue, if you've had a chance to listen to this yet?

Andy said...

@ Tantris. I have a copy of the new Evan. Well I did have. It's just DISAPPEARED. Two weeks now. I seem to remember it was quite beautiful.