30 October 2015

La Monte Young - Steve Reich - Philip Glass - Terry Riley - Uli Götte ~ Ensemble in process ~ 16th October 2015

Earlier on this blog, kinabulu posted a session in which Terry Riley collaborated with Don Cherry. Picking up the thread from this, here is a recent concert by Ensemble in process of minimalist pieces, including a great version of Terry Riley's In C that deftly shows the eddy currents and subtle fractals that flow through this music;

La Monte Young: Composition 1960 Nr. 7

Steve Reich: Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ

Philip Glass: "Glassworks", Opening und Floe

Terry Riley: "In C"

Ulli Götte: Nukleus (Hiroshima-Fukushima); Lernen aus der Geschichte (part 8)

Ensemble in process
Conducted by Uli Götte
Erlangen,16th October 2015


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