25 October 2015

gastr del sol (David Grubbs & Jim O'Rourke) 30 June 1996 Cicero's, St. Louis, Missouri, USA SBD FLAC

sbd > analog cassette (unknown gen) > cdr > eac (secure) > flac

1. afternoon delight
2. dictionary of handwriting
3. thos. dudley ah! old must dye
4. ursus arctos wonderfilis
5. rebecca sylvester
6. hello spiral
7. a louse of a spouse is a spice for lice (a.k.a. vietnamese folk song)
8. ?
9. work from smoke
10. talking
11. dry bones in the valley

edit during applause between tracks 9 and 10.



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This is a nice surprise! Haven't heard these guys in ages and have never heard any live recordings. Thank you!

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Plz re-up link!

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please a repost of the link would be amazing

projectmycelium said...

please repost the link!