27 November 2014

MiCHEL PORTAL - Alors!!! (1970)

MiCHEL PORTAL - Alors!!! (Futura 1970)

1. OO Bam Ba Deep (5:19) [Barre Phillips]
2. Billy The Kid (1:57) [Stu Martin]
3. Yes, Oh Yes, You Wonderous Sun Kissed Maiden ! (14:04) [John Surman]
4. Ca Boom ? (:55) [Barre Phillips]
5. U En A MArre (5:39) [Michel Portal]
6. Undercurrent (5:34) [John Surman]
7. New Peace (2:01) [Barre Phillips]
8. Ca Boom ! (7:47) [Barre Phillips]

Michel Portal : alto saxophone, bass clarinet
John Surman : baritone saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Barre Phillips : bass
Stu Martin : drums
Jean-Pierre Drouet : percussion

Recorded January 27, 1970
CD EPM 152072 (1993, OOP)


miloo2 said...
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kinabalu said...

Unreservedly recommended! Nuff said!

brian said...

my lp scans


Christophe said...

Un grand merci pour cette rareté.

Clifford Allen said...

Is the CD no longer available from the Futura web shop? I thought it was reprinted around 2000 and was still readily available.

Nick said...

It is listed as available at Futura


miloo2 said...

You are right Nick, thank you. I cannot found it in usual shops, so I thought it might be OOP. I checked also some Futura distributors, and they are offering it, so I am deleting link.

kinabalu said...

Zut alors!

Anonymous said...

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