9 October 2014


...from the OOP CD ...

Howard Riley, piano
Barry Guy, bass
Alan Jackson, drums
Barbara Thompson, flute (tr.7 only)

1. Exit          5:01
2. Gormenghast          7:08
3. S & S          2:18
4. Fragment          7:47
5. Angle          7:18
6. Aftermath          2:36
7. Three Fragments   3:04
8. Gill          5:44

Recorded in London, 3rd December 1968 and 2nd January 1969.

COLUMBIA – 4944332 (CD rip)

Originally released in 1969 as LP (CBS 52669)


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...
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Hobatozo said...

My favorite albums by them are "Flight" and "Synopsis", but it's all GOOD!

kinabalu said...

Nice! I have this one on lp. Don't mind a digital backup, though. Hey, remember when CBS would release this kind of stuff? That must be, lessee, about 45 years ago ...

Jes' listenin' to a country and western tune by Charles Tyler. Oooeee!

danair said...

Used to have this LP up to a few years ago, thanks very much for posting this one onxidlib.

wightdj said...

New to me, thanks.

sotise said...

thanks a lot Onxi!!!1

Anonymous said...

i have this already, but what a great session! highly recommended!

Jazzrealities said...

Is it possible to reupload this? The fichier link is not working anymore.
see blog

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


john a said...

Seeing this post was a reminder of just how good this recording is, and prompted me to dig out my copy for a listen.. Great stuff - perfect fit for starting my weekend morning. I've got Barry Buy's arco work on title track playing at the moment and I thank you for that!