16 August 2014


A1. パラビアソ (Par Avion)
A2. テンダリー (Tenderly)
A3. 永遠の詩 (The Song Remains The Same)

B1. ムード (Mood)
B2. ステップ・ワン (Step One)
B3. Manha De Carnaval

Itaru Oki, trumpet
Keiki Midorikawa, double bass
Hozumi Tanaka, drums
Kosuke Mine, alto saxophone (B2-3)
Takeshi Kamachi, piano (A2, B2-3)

All compositions by Itaru Oki, except A2 (Walter Gross) and B3 (Luiz Bonfá)

This is an all time favourite from Itaru Oki, from the early days of Japanese free jazz. There were a rush of tracks that they released around this time :-

Satsujin Kyoshitsu - LP on the Jazz Creaters label, recorded in Tokyo in February 1970, currently available on CD - Bridge (049) from Japan Improv

Mood, recorded live Shibuya Public Hall, on April 30, 1970 and included on "Sensational Jazz '70", which was recently re-released on CD by Columbia and available at Japan Improv (with other tracks by Mototeru Takagi, Masahiko Sato, Terumasa Hino, New Herd, etc).

Four Tracks on Trio By Trio + 1, recorded  live at Yamaha Hall, Ginza, Tokyo, May 20, 1970, also re-released on CD on Think! Records: 1 side Yosuke Yamashita Trio, 1 side Itaru Oki Trio, 1 side Yuji Ono Trio and 1 side Itaru Oki + Yuji Ono + Kimiko Kasai.

This all preceded a live recording of October Revolution, on Inspiration & Power 14 Free Jazz Festival 1, from 1973.

This LP was in a box set of 10 LPs by Japanese jazz artists. I think it was mainly sold to people buying Toshiba audio equipment.

Great, historic music and 40 years out of print.

Toshiba Records ‎– TW-6045

Vinyl Rip


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Wow - although I have to work today you've made my day.
Finally I can hear this very elusive LP. So thank you Nick for your generosity.

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Not 40, but 45 years out of print! It's not my fault folks, really, I tried hard. Tracking down the rights was a nightmarish task. Not obtaining them as well. To hell with it... Enjoy.

Anyway, the Japanese well of obscure insanities from the past is not dry, and mark my words, we'll come back with a revenge.

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