1 August 2014


Peter Brötzmann, reeds
Willem Breuker, reeds
Jay Oliver, bass
Jim Meneses, drums

1. unknown title 30:19
2. unknown title 10:00

Recorded at Musikladen im Zentrum, Untertrave 97 in Lübeck, Germany on May 3, 1987.
For the series "5 Jahre Jazz im Zentrum".

Note: I got the cd-r with a sheet which claims Jim Nassis as the drummer.
But an acquaintance recalled Jim Meneses as the drummer.
Also I've never heard of Jim Nassis...

UPDATE: Went to Jim Meneses website and found that the bassist was Jay Oliver > here 
and here


onxidlib said...


-Otto- said...

...and for me either Meneses or Nassis are new names. Thank you, onxidlib, for this "Jazz im Zentrum" release!

wightdj said...

Nice share as always Onxi. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this onxidlib - also for the dedication of your research!

meneses's "eventography" reads like a wonderful tour de force at the fringes of jazz/rock/&tc. i know him from zero pop and kixx/stan red fox, but he was involved in so many different settings...

cheers, lucky

p.s.: hi -otto- :)))

Rasimov77 said...

thanks very for this impressive Brötzm-Breuker document, onxidlib.

Good to see Breuker in a free context again, since his Kollektief became quite "mainstream" in the mid-eighties.

Jim Meneses was rather well-known in the Berlin avantgarde scene in the late 80ties (i.e. Kixx with actor Lars Rudolph and even TV-comedian Wigald Boning) - don't know what he did later...

sandor essedy said...

thanks for this Breuker/Brotz.

Anonymous said...

oh shoot, pretty unexpected to find stuff like this, didn't know Brotz and Breuker did something together saving Globe Unity, very interesting, thanks much, onxidlib!