31 July 2014


For completeness but not for download.

Paul Dunmall - saxello, tenor saxophone
Tony Orrell - drums, precorded backing track

On the day of the recording Tony Orrell found two video cameras in the studio and decided to record the day's session.  He put one camera facing himself on drums and the other facing me.  Unfortunately the camera on Tony didn't work properly but as an after thought he took the recording of myself and worked on it at home in real time through a Korg Entrancer and came up with this DVD.   We both decided it really worked well with the music.  Of course this music is all improvised except for the pre-recorded backing track that Tony put together.  The first  time I heard this backing music was actually as it was being played on the recording session, so I had no idea what was coming next.  I think it works out wonderfully well.

Paul Dunmall


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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Wade Cottingham said...

This pointed me to your other YouTube posts. Great! I am liking the solo bagpipe albums!