30 June 2014


Keith Tippett - piano, pebbles, woodblocks, smiledrum, maraca
Julie Tippetts - voice, wooden xylophone, guiro seedpod, Tibetan singing bowls, Balinese xylophone, thumb piano, bells, gopichand, bamboo kahn
Philip Gibbs - guitars
Paul Dunmall - soprano and tenor saxophones

1. Mahogany rain  63:45

Victoria Rooms, Bristol.  24 April 2005
Engineered, mixed, mastered: Jonathan Scott
Watercolour: Julie Tippetts


Ewan said...


It may be me, but these downloads both give me the tracks for DLE45(?)

I've long since downloaded more DLE's than I bought from Paul, and may soon reach the level of my purchased FMRs. Lets hope this strategy works in Paul's favour.

Cheers, Ewan

Andy said...


chrisc said...

Thank you Andy. I'm very,very excited about this one.

Andy said...

@ Ewan. Thanks a lot for pointing out my mistake. This is Paul's strategy:

"For me improvising is a means of approaching, or connecting with the beyond, a way of expressing and manifesting the divine energy, and you just know when you hit it, though most of the time it´s a struggle.

It´s like being able to tap into a kind of eternal lake, just for a moment, and then being cut off again. And I just want to keep going back to drink from that lake, or better still, jump in and stay there!

For me this is the responsibility you have to the audience - to manifest this higher consciousness through music - to whoever is there. "