31 May 2014


The above picture is part of the art-work which went along with the files I got from the "follyforto seewhat" blog some years ago. Thanks once more to the original uploader.

The music of the two George Russell Sextets posted here is really very good!

Bernt Rosengren, tenor saxophone
Thad Jones, trumpet
Garnett Brown, trombone
George Russell, piano
Barre Phillips, bass
Al Heath, drums

1. radio introduction 0:44
2. Stratosphunk (Russell)/ 'Round Midnight (Monk)/ Sippin' At Bells (Davis) 23:54

Recorded at the Gyllene Cirkeln in Stockholm in October, 1964.


Bernt Rosengren, tenor saxophone
Bertil Lövgren, trumpet
Eje Thelin, trombone
George Russell, piano
Roman Dylag, bass
Al Heath, drums

3. radio introduction 0:08
4. The Outer View / Kentucky Oysters  (all tunes by Russell) 28:09

Recorded at the Gyllene Cirkeln in Stockholm on April 9, 1965.


onxidlib said...

The file has less than 200 MB - so maybe it is an mp3. I remember I've downloaded it in flac...but the music is so good and there are too few recordings from Russell's work from the 1960s that I wouldn't refrain from dl even if it would be only in a very low bit-rate....


sasha said...

Many thanks onxidlib..Yea I'll second your comments bout George Russell circa mid 60's.After the initial burst of riverside recordings G.R's music becomes a lot less documented..There was a live bootleg from another European tour from around this period (issued a couple of years ago) fea. John Gilmour of Sun Ra fame amongst others..This one looks equally fine..Look forward to checking this out..

agmosk said...

Thank you very much, onxidlib! Greatly appreciate all the George Russell sextet stuff.

agmosk said...

I have this in flac and also seem to have a 2 CD set in Flac from Bremen in 9/64, from Dime I assume.

onxidlib said...

Hey agmosk - please share your flac version!
ANd maybe you can share the Bremen as well. I only have the Gambit CD which has only four tracks.

martin said...

Thank you onxidlib, whatever the format.
As I said before, most of the links on Folly, including this one, were dead by the time I had discovered it.

Bill said...

Thanks, onxidlib. You're right. There are too few recoedings from the 1960s. So this one is more than welcome.

paul said...

Thanks. Russell's stuff is always interesting.

JC said...

Thanks. Not many live shows of his around.

These do appear to be in flac, so perhaps were mono sources (not unusual for that time if a contemporary broadcast).

Anonymous said...

Track 4 is "The Outer View" (not "Out of You") and "Kentucky Oysters" (just those two songs, no "Stratusphunk")

onxidlib said...

thanks for the info

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Many thanks

Solomon said...

Thank you!