24 April 2014


A1. Marie-France
A2. Tango
A3. Antigone
A4. Bhagavad-Gita
A5. Route 69

B1. Java
B2. Mary-Jo
B3. Poème
B4. Street Blues
B5. Rock (La Défense)
B6. Java

Joss Basselli, accordion
Elie Ferré, acoustic guitar
Steve Potts, alto & soprano saxophone
Keno Speller, bongos
Gus Nemeth, double bass
Jean-Jacques Avenel, double bass
Donny Donable, drums
Kenny Tyler, drums
Christian Escoudé, electric guitar
Frank Abel, piano
Ambrose Jackson, trumpet

Recorded at Studio Acousti. Music from the film "Sujet ou Le secrétaire aux 1001 Tiroirs" by Joachim Noessi.

Un-Deux-Trois ‎– N° 2

Vinyl Rip


Nick said...



wightdj said...

Excellent! Found this LP in Paris 1977 but was too warped to hear much of contents. Thanks much.

wightdj said...

Brief Pott's bio

Bhowani said...

Tnaks a lot, Nick, for this rare item.

Solomon said...

Thank you.

Megapouetman said...

Thanks very much.

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corvimax said...

nice, thank you Nick, I tried to browse for this movie but nothing came up, just mentioned in a site

paul said...

Very nice. Thanks.

longbranch said...

Many thanks! I saw this in a record store once, in the Marais in the 1980s, and never seen it since.

serviceton said...

My second download. Why didn't I say thanks first time?
Thanks this time.

onxidlib said...

Only through serviceton's comment I see this post.
Thank you, Nick.
....and thank you serviceton ;-)

serviceton said...

You are welcome onxidlib, although I deserve no thanks. Do you want some trivia too? First track here is named after the well-known French trans-sexual Marie France, who also appears in the film (which I have not seen). 1 year ago, someone commented they couldn't find the movie on the web - you can see it's IMDB entry here

Et la musique? Pas mal.

onxidlib said...

I tried a search for the film and haven't found it either.
Not even worldscinema.org/ offers it...
Trivia - yes I like trivia (mostly).
Quite often trivia aren't as trivial as suspected or hoped for.
At least they give some context - wether trivial or not.

Once I saw the movie "Un été sauvage".
Marion Brown group made the soundtrack which excellent (Le Temps Fou as we know it...).
But the movie gave me nothing to say the least - trivia(l) experience but relevatory in a way.
So - more trivia - serviceton!

serviceton said...

Yes I agree Onx - not trivia for it's own sake - but *for context* can be fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please re-up this?

This would be very much appreciated.

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Thank you so much Ernst Grgo Nebhuth!,