16 October 2013

Amman Boutz (fish music 1989)

Ekkehard Jost - accordion, reeds
Dieter Manderscheid - contrabass
Joe Bonica - drums
Herbert Hellhund - trumpet

A1 - Verzeihen Sie Das Harte Wort     7:46    
A2 - Blech Shuffle Stomp No.1         4:12    
A3 - Nebel-Leben             5:17    
A4 - Rue De Lappe             5:08    
B1 - Tangenta Nova             6:26    
B2 - Pablo                 7:17    
B3 - Dodicodi             6:20    
B4 - Zufällig Der Biber         1:45    

composed By  Ekkehard Jost
recorded January 13.-15., 1989 in Giessen/Germany

fish music 1989. FM 002
vynil rip


corvimax said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm a little upset about the crackles. When I checked it, playing it from start to finish, it was practically free of surface noises. Sorry to read that here (your discogs seller).

Anonymous said...

no worries about those crackles, they are fine ;) very good music by the way)
thank you very much, corvimax and a discogs seller!


sikes said...

Hi Corvimax, could you please re-up this post it would be greatly appreciated, thanks a lot

corvimax said...
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ottorillo said...

Hi! Thanks for the rare thing! but the link is dead now - i'll be grateful if you refresh

corvimax said...

new link


DW said...

corvimax, thnak you!!

Nod Y said...

Hi everybody

Incredible but since few days I didn't know Ekkehard Jost, proof that this blog is very useful in bringing musicians that are not under the radar. Most of the links regarding Jost are still available except this one. Could you re-up it, considering the originality and quality of his others records available here, this one might be very interesting too.Sadly even his recent cd's are not easy to find.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hi Nod Y,

you can get CDs from Jost f.e. here:


and the LP "Amman Boutz" you can find for 10,. euro right now here:


corvimax said...

new link

Nod y said...

Hi Onxidlib and Corvimax
I was just listening to Grumpff Unit Trip (great and original album) and I remember that I have posted a request on Amman Boutz, so it is only now that I discover your two answers, sorry to thank you so late. I will check the cd's available and have already downloaded the file, great music for those next days!!!

nod y said...

Hi Corvimax
I suggest you to update the link in the "new links for old post" section, then more people could access to your re-up!

corvimax said...

good idea Nod Y, but I dont know how to do it

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

I'll do it.

corvimax said...

thank you onxidlib, I will try harder next time, but I'm no sure I have the facility (am allowed) to do it

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Corvimax - I've changed your status from author to admin.
Now you should be able to update the entry's for "new links for old posts" etc.

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