7 April 2013


This links Miloo2's post of "Output" with our series of releases on the Calig label. In a similar vein, recorded in the previous year. The tracks merge and so there is one side per file.

A1. Über Musik 0:07
A2. Voices 1:22
A3. Arco 0:23
A4. Blues 1:55
A5. Karg 4:44
A6. Pamukkale 4:45
A7. 4'38" 4:38

B1. Beat 2:25
B2. Op. 5 4:08
B3. Bemerkung 0:14
B4. Gespräch 0:30
B5. Dauner 3:30
B6. Tape Two 4:08
B7. Aᵇ—C 0:35
B8. Braceful 0:35

Wolfgang Dauner, vocals, piano, organ, violin, melodica, trombone, plastic pipe
Eberhard Weber, vocals, bass, cello
Jürgen Karg, vocals, bass, saw
Fred Braceful, vocals, drums, percussion
Christoph Klein, electronics (A5)

Recorded Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg April 29th, 1969.

Calig ‎– CAL 30 603, 1969

Vinyl Rip


Nick said...



Wallofsound said...

Thanks, Nick.

Anonymous said...

Amazing coincidence, this. I was just looking through my music for something by Eberhard Weber when I discovered this exact recording was somehow missing. [Damn Digital Gremlins!] And my first attempt to find it in the blogosphere leads me here, just hours after you post it. I should but a lottery ticket right away!! Many thanks.


Barabbovich said...

Great surprise. I've already appreciated Output. Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nick

SOTISE said...

thanks for the upgrade of this beauty!!

Calisan said...

Really great! this is the upgrade that i've been waiting for. But all covers come with a small resolution (nothing can read) except front cover.
Any chance to update the rest of the covers?
Or someone could help?
Thanks for this outstanding LP!

haifisch said...

Dear Nick The German Name for this LP
is Für (engl. For) All the Best for you and thank you

correct silence said...


Would it be possible to have a re-up of this lp? All Dauner of this period are fascinating and great? Thanks in advance.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

1fichier_Side A
1fichier_Side B
Zippy_Side A
Zippy_Side B

correct silence said...

many thanks Ernst

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Mahavishnu Floyd said...

More info on this release, plus a Dauner discography for 1967-1974, can be found at https://sonicasymmetry.wordpress.com/2008/07/16/dauner-fur
The name of the album is 'FÜR'

Jaime said...

Thank you very much.