30 April 2013


A1. Charred Earth
A2. Seven Steps To Heaven

B1. Tree Tops
B2. Happiness Tears
B3. Peace

Bob Reid, bass
Sunny Murray, drums
Dave Burrell, piano
Byard Lancaster, reeds

Kharma - PK-1, 1977

Viny Rip


Nick said...



sotise said...

thanks Nick, i can post the other Untouchable Factor Album, on 'philly Jazz' 'Apple Cores'if you or anyone else needs it.

wightdj said...

I knew Dan Sero, the owner of Kharma Records. He was a major jazz record importer in NYC for years. Thanks.

Nick said...

Thanks Sotise - I have it, but I am sure there is someone else who will like it too

Nick said...

I think you could say Kharma was small, but exquisitely formed.

Anonymous said...

Very much appreciated this
upgrade, mister Nick. A strong
album, as almost all with Byard


rebf942 said...

Nick - thank you for this, particularly for Byard Lancaster. Sotise - I for one would be grateful for the album you mention.

onxidlib said...

Thank you Nick - I like this album better than "Apple Cores".
Now I only would like to hear the unreleased session for Columbia "Love's Last Cry"....

serviceton said...

Nick - I have this : - but this is a good rip of a not-very-hifi recording. Nice work!
It's a totally different (large) band on Apple Cores - I dont know why he used the Untouchable Factor name for both groups - other than he wanted to of course.

wightdj - Dan Serro is still standing - have been in touch with him even in the the last few days. In NYC he lived in an apartment or loft on Wall Street I understand. Yes, "The" Wall Street.. Him, his wife and 20,000 LP records.. There's a piece about him, appeared in the New Yorker or somewhere ..
onxidlib - You may have more information than me, but do you mean the unreleased Columbia record from 1968? I heard it was to be called 'Spiritual Infinity'. With musicians Clifford Thornton, Frank Wright, Arthur Jones, Dewey Redman, Dave Burrell, Alan Silva, Juni Booth & Art Lewis.
Oh my!
Yes, I would like to hear it too.

Nick said...

"... a whole record of mine that I produced and paid for with Jimmy Garrison, Lonnie Liston Smith, Alan Silva, Joe Lee Wilson singing, children singing... My record. BYG records ... They put it out somewhere because once I got an ASCAP statement, and “Love's Last Cry”, which is the name of the record and one of the tunes on it, was on there, which means it was played over the radio somewhere. I've never seen it as a record, because I went out to the company, gave them a tape, they gave me half the money for licensing, and that was it. 1969 or 70. That was a great record. Lonnie Liston Smith wasn't that famous then. I still got the music for that record."

"If you want to help us and respect what we stood for, don't buy BYG. If you're really interested in those tapes, write to me and I'll send you a cassette".

Sunny Murray Interview with Dan Warburton for Paris Transatlantic, 2000.

serviceton said...

Yep - different session, different record.
In the same Paris Transatlantic interview Mr Murray refers to both 'Spiritual Infinity' (recorded for Columbia, 1968 USA) and 'Love's Last Cry'(tapes commandeered by BYG 1969 - 70).
Both would be wonderful to hear..

onxidlib said...

Serviceton, sorry for my late reply, but I was in Ulrichsberg for some concerts.
That's what Sunny Murray tells in "Always in Trouble" from Jason Weiss:
"...John Hammond, but he gave me a chance. I thought, when he gave me a chance, maybe the old man was too senile. I was with Columbia from '67 to '69, a two year contract. I only made one orchestra thing, and then it's a big long story what happened.
Byard Lancaster got drunk and destroyed the studio, attacked John Hammond, stole money out of his pocket - I'm in the toilet and when I come out, the musicians were all putting their instruments up. I went to the engineer and said, "Where's Mr. Hammond?" "Sunny, he's gone."
Did he take the contract? He had a six year contract. "He took the contract."
The name of this record would have been 'Love's Last Cry'. It never came out."

onxidlib said...

Forgot to mention that the book was released in 2012. It tells the story of ESP via more than 40 interviews.
A recommended read.

roberth said...

thanks as always love sunny's stuff from this time. byard is great i got to see him alot with jr mitchell in boston in 70's. the esp book is a great read. interviews are great.
the only shocker was the steve weber interview.

DW said...

Nick, thank you for this. The RS link is no more, but the ZS link is alive and well, however, only #1. Could this be re-upped?

francisco santos said...

if no re print i'm with DW and think this must be alive...Big THX !....

Rev. bIGhIG said...

No luck with Rapidshare or Zippy. Can a re-up be done?

funksta said...

2nd the reup request. Thanks for all the great posts!

funksta said...

2nd the reup request. Thanks for all the great posts

Anastacia said...

A memorial will be held for my father DAN SERRO, who produced this album,in New York City on Saturday, March 24, 2018 at 12:00pm to 2:00pm in the 5C Cultural Center, 68 Avenue C, New York, NY 10009.

Daniel Serro-Boim born March 22, 1934 in New York passed away on January 26, 2018. His wife Nola Simmons passed away September 2003. Dan resided in Miami with his longtime companion Cassandra. He was very proud of his children and grandchildren. He loved and collected jazz and wrote poetry, produced a ten records, and published 4 books of poetry. He was an avid photographer and traveled to different countries like Japan, Spain, Trinidad, etc. He is survived by his sister Dorothy and his children Jeff, Richard, Jennifer, Christine, Anastacia and grandchildren.

Attendees at the memorial will be welcomed to say a few words, read poetry, or play music in his honor.

Nick said...

My respects to you and Dan's family, Anastacia. I bought most of those records that he produced over the years, with some great artists.

Tantris said...

Dear Anastasia - I am very sorry to hear of your father's death. I had some contact with him through this blog a few years back, and purchased a quantity of LPs from him, some of which he produced, and most of which I still listen to regularly. (In fact, I was listening to David Murray / Live at the Peace Church yesterday). My condolences to you and your family.
-- T

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