28 April 2013


What to say about this fine recording? At least we have this bit of lovely slippery wedging.


Evan Parker, soprano saxophone
Frank Perry, percussion

1. Wedged Into Release          03:25
2. For The Love Of...(Part 1)   16:18
3. For The Love Of...(Part 2)   15:29

In Concert - 11th February 1972, Royal Commomwealth Society.



onxidlib said...
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Rev. Dr. Moller. MDMA, THC and BAR. said...

Thank you.

Andy said...

Thanks Onx. I didn't know of this.

miloo2 said...

Thanks Onx -- early niceness :-)

Anonymous said...

i'm also didn't know about this one and it's great to discover stuff like that!
many thanks, onxidlib!


onxidlib said...


martin said...

Many thanks for the new link, onxidlib. I don't know how, but I had never noticed this post before. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

About 21 minutes (= about two thirds) of this LP are available on FMR CD78-0301. Go to the FMR-shop and buy it. No idea how often this transfer has been downloaded, but I'm sure the number of sales of the aforementioned CD doesn't come close eversince the upload happened here. Inform yourself before up/downloading and support the artists you like. But okay - probably not many people are interested in buying CDs since the harddrives already are full of stuff nobody has the time to listen to anyway. Crazy idea to buy additional CDs, right?

onxidlib said...

Probably you are right about sales number. but there is no information available on FMR's website about the line-up/titles > http://www.fmr-records.com/searchresults.asp
When clicking on 'more information' one gets 'the page cannot be found.

Apart from that I do buy CDs - a lot so - no less than 80 to 100 each year at least.
Not to mention the at least 1500 I buy for re-sale (I mean small and or idependent labels).
I even tried to get CDs from FMR for a shop several years ago.
After I got the CDs (only partially what I've ordered) I asked for a proper invoice.
I've never got it despite sending at least 40 (!!) mails.
So the CDs are still not sold - what a waste.
BTW - the CD has not 21 minutes but a bit less than 18 minutes.
I know it because I have the CD.

Anonymous said...

I go to discogs whenever I'm not happy about the information given at an online shop.

Different people buy different amounts of CDs. Sure. Most people do not buy CDs. There's freely available music everywhere on the www. Out of print stuff. How educational.

Sorry to hear FMR didn't write an invoice. See? Labels suck (applause).

(...actually not meaning to attack personally but point out a general vibe I sometimes get here)

It's ~18 minutes plus the LP-opening solo track.