14 December 2016


I have listened to this many more times since the last post, but the transition in Sundance from the spoken-word poem to the dance between Jack Gregg's bass and Jeanne Lee's vocal is still spine-tingling.

A1. Sundance
A2. Yeh Come T' Be
A3. Jamaica
A4. Subway Couple

B1. The Miracle
B2. Your Ballad
B3. Angel Chile
B4. Conspiracy

Allan Praskin, clarinet (B2)
Perry Robinson, clarinet (B2)
Mark Whitecage, alto clarinet (B2)
Jack Gregg, bass
Steve McCall, drums
Gunter Hampel, flute, piano, vibraphone, alto and bass clarinet
Sam Rivers, soprano and tenor saxophone, flute
Marty Cook, trombone (B2)

Ensemble tracks recorded by George Klabin, Sound Ideas Studio, New York, February 1974.

Solo tracks and mix by Jan Rathbun, Blue Rock Studio and Good Vibration Studio, April and May 1974.

Seeds Records 5, Earthform Records - 814

Vinyl Rip


øשlqæda said...

desert island status. thx fer upgrade

Anonymous said...

much gratitude

kinabalu said...

Very nice seeing this one here. People may not be aware of earlier Jeanne Lee postings, so please check for Jeanne Lee in the list of artists in the right column.

serviceton said...

Grand ! Many thanks Nick

Anonymous said...

Lee is one of my favorite jazz vocalists and "Conspiracy" is pretty strong stuff, thanks much, Nick!


TinyRonin said...

Absolute THANKS for this enormous record.

flat5 said...

Finally something with Allan Praskin.
Wish he played more on the record.

SOTISE said...

beautiful, thank you!!

Bender said...

Another MP3 bites the dust! Thanks!

Brush&Stick said...

Thank you, Jeanne Lee is one of the greatest!

Anonymous said...

I've been listening to Jeanne Lee, through her recordings with Gunter Hampel, since I bought "8th Of July, 1969" in 1973. I don't think I've ever come across mention of "Conspiracy" before. Many thanks for this.


loriartx said...

any chance of a re up still reeling from blasé

soul said...

please please please (to quote JB) can you re up this?? I was so bummed out that the 2 links are dead.

definitivegaze said...

re up please - discovered jeanne lee years ago when she made the record with maldron - don't know her other stuff very well

Jason said...

Many thanks for the re-up, Nick.

Humph! said...

Magnifique !
Thank very very much !

Alter Kocker said...

Superlative! Bravo! Mamesh a matziya!

letlive said...

Such important work. Thank you!

inamorata said...

What a great vinyl rip! Thanks to the original poster and to all for keeping this alive.

northern wind said...

thank you for this uploading.
greetings from Greece.

Nick said...

This has a vinyl re-release now.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Some info :
I'm not 100% sure but I believe the recent vinyl reissue is not a legit one.
I know a label who wanted to do a new vinyl edition about two years ago.
When this label approached Gunter Hampel for the rights of 'Conspiracy' he pointed the label to Jeanne Lee's children. And allegedly they asked for 10000$ - so naturally the label declined...
If I recall it correctly I've also read at Organissimo forum about the suppossed non-legit status of the recent vinyl reissue.