11 January 2008

Jan Garbarek and Bobo Stenson Trio - Live Bremen 1974 (FM broadcast)

Personally, I'm not a fan of Garbarek's later ECM work, where he seems to have jumped all sorts on band wagons (and made himself very successful). I did like the stuff he did in the 70s with Keith Jarrett. This recording comes from the same era.

Jan Garbarek.....ts
Bobo Stenson.....p
Palle Danielsson.....b
Jon Christensen.....dr
0) (intro RB) 1:33
1) Desireless (Don Cherry) 30:28
2a+2b) Nr.8 (Jan Garbarek) 14:36 + 2:35 (aud.cass.flip)
3) Witchi-Tai-To (Jim Pepper) 26:50
4) Passion Dance (McCoy Tyner) 10:55
5) (extro RB) 0:25
total: 87:27

location: lila eule, bremen
rec. date: 1974-04-09
source: radio broadcast RB
broadcast date: 1995-08-27

Good though Garbarek is on this recording, the stars of the show for me are the members of the rhythm section. Desireless gives more than a nod towards Coltrane. Initially I thought that Stenson was merely doing a Tyler soundalike routine, but he develops the piece into much more (though at over 30 mins, the track is a little long, Danielsson must have had the stamina of an olympic athlete to sustain the relentless pace).

Links (flac and high quality VBR) in comments. Thanks go to owombat for seeding, and to unknown taper.

The majority of you are not observing the basic rules of polite behaviour. Did your parents not teach you that it is ill-mannered to take without so much as a word of thanks? My last posting was downloaded by nearly 100 people. Only 3 of you had the courtesy to leave a comment. I know sometimes it's easy to forget to leave a note once in a while, but my guess is that many of you never leave a comment. Frankly I'm not willing to carry on posting material to be met with dumb silence.


Boromir said...



Tantris said...

Hi Boromir,

Thanks for putting this up. I enjoy many of your posts - it's sometimes difficult to leave comments which are anything other than 'thanks' as it's not always possible to carve out the couple of hours or so needed to listen, and then probably relisten, to the music that is posted here, at the time it is downloaded. That's partly a function of there being a fair amount of this kind of material available - for example, only over the Christmas period was I at last able to listen properly to several of the postings here and from other places (such as H&H) - partly because other commitments always impinge on listening time, and partly because collecting one's thoughts to say something half-way sensible is not necessarily easy! (Writing about music is something I have always found difficult in any case, and most of the numerous books I have on music either conceal themselves behind a technical language which is impenetrable to anyone not a trained musician, or adopt a relatively shallow, biographical approach).

Just a thought - if you are posting the material, you are almost certainly very familiar with it, so are you able to kickstart a discussion on the music by leaving a comment on aspects of it which interest or puzzle you, and ask for a response to that?



Boromir said...

Thanks for your input. "Thanks", or "Great" or even "rubbish" is better than nothing at all. Of course we would really like enlightened comment, but I, like you, know nothing of the theory of music. I know what I like and what I don't like, but couldn't necessarily put down in words why I like something, which a trained musician might be able to do.
I also realise that people get music overload. I sometimes get downloads coming out of my ears, so obviously a knowledgeable comment might not be possible for some time, but please, some indication that there is life out there would be much appreciated.

Trey Desolay said...

I've just discovered your blog and it is fabulous. Thank you so much.

I have for a long time considered later Garbarek to be a "guilty pleasure," but then I decided to stop feeling guilty about pleasure.

Still, the early work is certainly much more interesting.

donc said...

Thanks for this and all the other wonderful posts.

Gargarek was one of my first sounds of jazz that I heard as a young listener.

peace. don

Traven said...

Many thanks for all you do.


freejazzcat said...

Your point regarding 'etiquette' is well taken. I am sometimes guilty of being a silent taker and I am embarrased that you have had to even raise the point.

These communities of like minded listeners are indeed brought together by a generous and devoted few. I am thankful and sincerely regretful of not having participated in this community as someone who has taken the time to give or to acknowledge his appreciation.

Anonymous said...

Bloggers who share music do it for the pure pleasure and love of it. They achieve no gain but the esteem and cyber-friendship of similar souls who love the music. It takes time and dedication to rip and upload a post, especially for a vinyl rip. And time is what we all don't have enough of. These people are not doing this for money. Their reward is the respect of their peers - and perhaps the occasional wanted-recording which might come back to them from a reciprocating blogger. It all comes down to caring - so if you download, and if you care about the music, please say so.

giaz63 said...

Many thanks for this and all the wonderful music you posted in the past.

anoneponymous said...

Wouldn't want to be accused of being impolite, so... Thanks for this. I got very into Bobo Stenson's playing recently and have since heard a number of albums he appears on. The live/broadcast material like this is invaluable though, to get a more holistic view of improvising musicians.

Really looking to listening to this; thank you kindly for putting it up.

Three Blind Mice said...

Thanks for the latest posts on this site. The Lee Konitz album in Flac was a total delight. I will download the Garbarek offering, after reading your line that it belongs to that era when Jan Garbarek was going into third stream with Jarrett (thinking of Luminescence here). I have found Albert Ayler and Frank Wright on this site last year and downloaded that with relish, and I want Sotise and Boromir and friends to know how much I have appreciated and how much I and other share in that musical taste with them. Keep the great job. You are helping a lot of people out here to feel more alive by giving a new lease of life to these gems.

kinabalu said...

Thanks for this, Boromir. This is the "Witchi-tai-to" line up, which Garbarek would also use on subsequent albums. A couple of tracks from that album are represented in this concert.

An interesting detail from the introduction: Bobo Stensson had requested a grand piano which the organisers couldn't supply. However, if they came back the next year, the organisers would promise one. So they did, but in spite of a better instrument, the 1974 concert was still the better one. So, instruments ain't all ...

Hoping to up another Garbarek concert, but the uploaders are very haphazard at the moment ...

bonzai said...

Hey man,

Just wanted to say thanks for all good work. Just found the blog.

Boromir said...

Intersting fact about the piano kinabalu. I thought the instrument sounded a bit tinny. It does sound OK though, particularly on Witchi-tai-to, where it gives it more of an eastern sound.

alberto said...


I haven´d download from inconstant sol for about two months now, don´t know why, jazz is still one of the things closest to my heart, but since my blog was boicoted by Mediafire forces i dont have the will anymore


I have downloaded from here

and some of my darkest spiritual amazing experiences are beacause of those records i´ve downloaded here, and beacause of the info here provided by you, the art of researching, navigate the sea of information that internet is, with it´s false stones and paths, holes of info, all of your work that is incomplete in a complete joy for us


Thanks (yes, that word again, there must be another word for music experience) for all your words and records, they are fractals to our ears and experiencie

music makes me what i am, i am a hand full of records, like rob gordon on high fidelity

in a metaphoric way, incostant sol is what i am

thanks again.


Anonymous said...

Great blog, great music,
many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great blog, great music,
many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great blog, great music,
many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great blog, great music,
many thanks!

thebeathunters said...

i had lost sight from the light a long time ago but thanks to netvibes i'll be a regular!
great choice of music and i'm down with you about etiquette
hope i'll see you at http://biggersplash.blogspot.com

Slothrop said...

Thanks, Boromir. This is a real gift because it's something that wouldn't have been on my radar otherwise. It's much appreciated.

Space Is The Place said...

Thank you very much!

Jazz-Nekko said...


It has been too long for me to write to apologise for the Joe Harriott set mistake. He and I worked out our differences and actually come to form the beginnings of a new virtual friendship based on our similar interests.

I wish to thank you for your frank, appropriate concern for the maintaining of a good atmosphere amongst bloggers. You did not deserve the lack of respect that I unfortunately showed. Please forgive my mistake – I aim to not repeat my errors.

On another note, I have recently been released from the hospital after an operation and an additional worry of the ongoing chemotherapy that my wife is undergoing for the past months.

These are partly the reasons behind my not spending more time at your blog and enjoying the many generous offers from you and your contributors. I did however discover an interesting post before my operation that was in your archives and posted by you. It was the François Tusques "Le Noveaux Jazz" (1967, Mouloujdi) posted a while back. Although my stupidity and bad manners may make my request totally crazy, I would beg your consideration of offering that set in a higher bit rate, say perhaps at 320kbps or in flac. If you would happen to have the LP and could reply in kindness, I would gratefully appreciate it. This is a truly historical set, totally out of reach of mere mortals as myself and therefore I thought I would try to see if it could be managed.

Lastly, I share your frustration over the lack of comments or interactivity from visitors to my own blog. I cannot recall at this moment if you have ever visited [ http://shimanchu-devil.blogspot.com/] or not, but perhaps you may find one or two interesting sets that appeal to you. I seem to average a minimum of 100 DLs within the first days of a post and rarely do I get more than one comment. After two weeks, there may be close to 3-400 DLs and miserably low three or four comments. It is very sad and I wonder if any of the visitors actually buy music for themselves - greedy, selfish lot . . .

I hope you keep your spirits up and do not become too saddened by the lack of appreciation expressed in comments – I try my best to do the same.

Thank you for your time and efforts, kind sir – you have a nice blog running!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great document of these artists and the 70's in general.

sotise said...

@jazz nekko
boromir has gone away from both home and computers for a few weeks, three i think ,so he may not see your comments /request for a while.
im sure he'll respond when he can though.

anoneponymous said...


Got a chance to listen to this a bit, and thought I'd give a couple cents.

I said earlier that I was looking forward to hearing Stenson in a live setting, and he's quite good, but Garbarek's playing is what surprised me. I'm not familiar with this period of his output (only later work and then not extensively). Influence of the 60's is certainly there, but he still has a concision of expression, which I supposes is what became prominent in later work. In this context, with more notes, more obvious facility on the horn -- it's cool. And impressive. I like it.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for this great music. I have the ecm albums dansere and witchi tai to, and these live cuts enabled me to hear some of the album tracks in looser and more extended form. I wasn't disappointed! Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your posts. I arrived very late to your blog and I don't stop appreciate what you do to share good & live jazz.
You're a Friend!

Anonymous said...

I'm guilty as charged, having downloaded several files and left no comments. But I am now reformed.
I'm the same as Tantris. I only discovered this site recently and I'm madly working through the older postings before they disappear, so theres a gap before I get to listen. But for many of them (Garbarek, Lacy, Parker etc) I know they will be wonderful and I haven't been disapointed yet.
I was think ing you wouldn't see comments on the older posts, but I guess you must.
Thanks sooo much.
I will get round to posting some of my own old gems before too long. Once I figure out how.
Cheers, Wally Gelato

David Engel said...

Thanks for all the Garbarek recordings. I've been listening to him for almost 40 years and loving it.



Hoochie Coochie man said...

This is really interesting stuff right here! Can´t wait to hear it..

I have also started a blog of my own, check it and see if you like it..


Daniel said...

Hi Boromir - WIth much gratitude...I have loved these musicians for years, and knew nothing about these recordings or concerts. This is a real gift. May it return to you ten-fold.

Hansi Noack said...

Thanks for all of your stuff on your site, I was exploring 14 before and since then I was every day on it, recording all of the finest music. Thank you!
Hansi Noack from Leipzig

moesgaard said...

Hi Boromir,

Thanks so much to you and the people who have made this blog such a goldmine of awesome stuff. Please, keep up!

Much Love from Paris

zootropo said...

hi, thanks for this. i'm a fan of both jarrett's european quartet and bobo stenson. let's hear how this sounds...

Sunna said...

Thanks for this music! I would buy it on CD if it was available. I am a big supporter of paying for music (being an independent musician myself) but it is also great to have the opportunity to enjoy live concerts such as this one even though it was never officially released.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Just found your blog and am enjoying it immensely! :)

Thank you for your kind posts.


Anonymous said...

thanks for this - Garbarek is a recent discvery of mine - the early stuff that is, so thanks for posting!

Thalamus said...

I have just discovered this brilliant blog!

I first was exposed to Garbarek's music through the Polish Jazz series - I have loved his music since that...

Thanks a lot for these postings.

Sincerely yours,


Chris Jentsch said...

Cool - I've been guilty of "grabbing and running" at times in the past, but I wanted to pause and write that even though I haven't digested the items I've downloaded from your site in the last few days, I certainly appreciate the opportunity to hear things from artists with whom I haven't yet become familiar, as well as to dig deeper into artists I already know. Free MP3s of edited performances are available at my Web site if you become curious about my music. Thanks again...

Andy said...

Thanks for this. I'd much rather hear ECM artists out of the dreaded ECM studio. Liking the Pharoah touches.

Andy said...

PS. Jeepers! Bobo is smokin' on this. :)

mark wallace said...

Great to have a chance to hear this work. Thanks very much.

Nod y said...

A re-up would be great.

kinabalu said...

New link:


rev.b said...

Many thanks for the repost. I missed it the first time around.

francisco santos said...


Nod y said...

I was the one who asked for the re-up, inspired by the studio album of this band but strangely I'm not so excited with tis live after listening carefully to the music. Desireless is equally great as the studio album and Nr.8 is a very fine composition. But witchi-tai-to who is basically a great composition is played without inspiration in my opinion, except for the introduction by Stenson and Passion dance is more a copy of the original that doesn't bring something new. Thank for the post Kinabalu because I really wanted to hear this band on stage, the studio album that they made is great and the choice of the titles is also great. Would really like to hear another performance of this band to compare.

Nod said...

After listening again to the performance some weeks after the first time I have to admit that my first comment was not totally exact regarding the version of witchi-tai-to. In fact this version is more interesting than my first feeling, and not only for the introduction by Stanson, perhaps the vocal of Jim Pepper was missing to my ears first. It is finally a very interesting performance.