20 March 2013


A1. Sunflowers
A2. Dream Drums

B1. Diom Futa
B2. Black Snow

Cheik Tidiane Fall, percussion
Bobby Few, piano
Jo Maka, alto saxophone
Anedra Shockley, vocals (B2)

Recorded in Paris, May 1979

Free Lance - FRL001

Vinyl Rip


Nick said...


James Manion said...

Thanks Nick!

kinabalu said...

I tried to find this one, capitulated and got the cd version which has a couple of extra tracks from early 2000s without Jo Maka. He's also on several of the Intercommunal records I've posted, for those who want to check back. Fall and Few are still out and about, happy to say.

Anonymous said...

Anedra Shockley is the one i love from this trio!))
Thanks, Nick!


Wallofsound said...

Looks good to me. Eager to listen.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Nick! Lovely engaging music! A very well recorded record too which is always pleasant (and not often always the case for such small independent labels as "Free Lance").

Of course, this is in addition to your (always) excellent vinyl transferring skills! (Your rips are always *clean* sounding, but also 'transparent': true to the original source without unnecessary additional processing to the sound.)

The piano (especially) seems to have been recorded properly here benefiting Bobby Few greatly.

I've always been a fan of Few's playing style(s). He reminds me of a less exuberant Don Pullen, which is high praise from me as Don Pullen is my favorite improvising pianist.

But unlike Igor, i could do without the superfluous vocals. ;-)

Nick said...

Thanks Dandor. I have been responsible for some pretty horrible rips along the way, but have got better with practice. I enjoy the trio and quartet on this one.

corvimax said...

I enjoyed this, thank you Nick
for all your shares, often totally unknown to me

Arcturus said...

very much looking forward to hearing this, thanks!

hideo said...

not to much to add to what has already been said, except ... YUM!

fslmy said...

a classic and beautiful record

unitstructure said...

thanks,this is a good one.

Anonymous said...

any chance of a re-up

Nick said...


DW said...

Nick, thanks!!

Zheeeman said...

Wow!!! thanks