17 February 2013


From the liner notes -

This album features improvisations by Kazutoki Umezu, one of Japan's leading saxophonists, and the three foremost shamans of the Republic of Korea.

In a shamanistic ceremony of the type known in the Korean language as kut, the proceedings are enhanced by the boisterous singing and dancing of the participants.

The range of techniques which a shaman brings to bear on his or her performing art includes the concept of free meter, that is to say the foundation on which the art of free jazz rests.

Kazutoki Umezu, alto sax, soprano sax, bass clarinet
Kim Suk-Chul, hojok (1, 4)
Kim Yong-Taek (1)
Kim Tong-Yol (1)
Kim Jong-Hi, changgo (1)
Kim Jong-Guk (1)
Park Byong-Chon,  vocal and changgo (2)
Lee Tae-Baek (2)
Kim Dae-Re, vocal (3)
Park Byong-Won, changgo (3)
Kim Gi-Bong (3)
Tetsu Saitoh, bass (3)

1. Ton-Dok-Kun (18:10)
2. Son-Nim-Kut (10:46)
3. Che-Sok-Kut (16:57)
4. Pen-No-Re (11:11)

Recorded in Korea: Pusan, on December 5, 1991 (1, 4); Seoul, on May 22, 1992 (2); Chindo, on May 17, 1992 (3).

Released on Zen / JVC - VICG-8027 in 1992.

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