20 January 2013


Although a good portion of the texts are in german it is an overhwelming listening experience (IMHO) also for non-german speakers. Sometimes the words are not clearly audible - wether german or in another language. But it doesn't diminish the impact of the score - au contraire
Since I discovered B.A. Zimmermann (about ten years ago) seriously, he has become one of my favourite composers. A friend of mine made me aware about the LP I post here - it was released not by a label but through the association of the german industries - or better its cultural society.

I was lucky enough to find it several days ago - and what a find...still the music is resonating.


BERND ALOIS ZIMMERMANN  (20 March 1918 - 10 August 1970)

Lingual für Sprecher, Sopran- und Baritonsolo, drei Chöre, Orchester, Jazz-Combo und elektronische Klänge nach Worten verschiedener Dichter, Berichte und Reportagen.
(Lingual for speaker, soprano- and baritone-solo, three choirs, orchestra, jazz-combo, organ and electronic sounds, with texts from various writers, narrations and reports.)
Ad Honorem St.Hermani-Josephi

Dorothy Dorow, soprano
Günther Reich, baritone
Theo Loevendie Quartet
Manfred Schoof, trumpet
Matthias Fuchs, speaker
Hans Franzen, speaker
RIAS Chamber Choir, Erich Brockhaus, leader
Austrian Broadcast Choir, Prof. Gottfried Preinfalk, leader
The Radio Philharmonic Orchestra and the Great Broadcast Choir of the N.O.S. Hilversum
Michaell Gielen, director

Side A: (29:10)

- Prolog
- Requiem I
- Requiem II

Side B: (35:02)

Requiem II (continued)
- Ricercar
- Rappresentazione
- Elegia
- Tratto
- Lamento
- Dona Nobis Pacem

Recorded by the Nederlandse Omroep Stichting Hilversum at the Holland-Festival in 1971.

Published by the Kulturkreis im Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie - Stereo 2891 182 (LP)

Note: Words are by Wladimir Majakowski, Sergej Jessenin, Conrad Beyer, Ezra Pound, H.H.Jahnn, Mao, Dubcek, Goebbels, Joyce, Camus, Weöres, Augustine, Hitler, Imre Nagy, Papandreou, Chamberlain, Aeschylus, Wittgenstein, Beatles [Hey Jude] and others...(languages - greek, russian, english, french, hungarian, czech, latin, german...)


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the link is not working.
thank you for the blog!!!!

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The link IS working - there's 50 GB cap. Try it again tomorrow.

SOTISE said...

thanks for the opportunity to hear a second version of this!!..Keep your Stockhausen's,Maderna's, Berio's, Boulez's .. Give me Zimmermann Everytime..

For anyone interested, Theres a Great Version of this from 1986 on Wergo, WER60180-50

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thanks, but link not working

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Link is still working but - "File owner's public traffic exhausted".

There is a 50 GB cap - try it again tomorrow.

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Thank you!!!!

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I haven't a clue what's going on, but I totally agree with 'monoperro'.

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I recently stumbled on the version with Schlippenbach on YouTube, not that you get to hear much from his band. Kindly asking: Is a reup of this version possible? I'd really like to hear it.

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Wow, that was incredibly fast. Thank you.

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