4 February 2012

The Odean Pope Saxophone Choir - Live in Moers '80

"The saxophone choir is formatted with nine saxophones, and was established by Odean in 1977 and premiered in 1985 with a Soul Note album called “The Saxophone Shop.” The saxophone choir has been the realization of his southern legacy; a medium for creating the richly textured harmonic sound that has permeated his musical soul since childhood."

Rec. live at the "9th Moers Festival", Moers, Germany,
on May 24, 1980 (mics recording)

Odean Pope,tenor sax,arranger,conductor
Charles Bowen/Earl Grubbs/Gregory Pope/Joe Sudler/Sylvester Middleton/Robert Landham/Zack Zachery/Ray Wright,reeds
Eddie Green,piano
Gerald Veasley,electric bass
Cornell Rochester,drums

1. Muntu Chant [O.Pope] (17:13)
2. Heavenly [E.Green] (11:36)
3. Doug's Prelude [C.Jordan] (06:31)
4. Almost Like Me [O.Pope] (11:40)
5. Little M's Lady [E.Green] (07:44)
6. Cis [O.Pope] (02:36)

Total Time 57:24



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