13 February 2012

George Lewis & Douglas Ewart - Live in Novara '78

One of the earliest performances of "Homage To Charles Parker".

Rec. live at "Palasport", Novara, Italy, on November 11, 1978
(mics recording)

George Lewis,trombone,electronics
Douglas Ewart,alto sax,flutes & percussion

1. Homage To Charles Parker (41:43)
2. Unknown (23:44)

Total Time 1:05:28

Homage To Charles Parker (excerpt)


riccardo said...

mp3 (149 MB)

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Anonymous said...

Pardon my ignorance, but what specifically is a "mics recording"?
Is this recorded off the microphones? Is this "soundboard"? Sorry for sounding so uninformed, but could you please explain in more detail? Many thanks.

onxidlib said...

Now - this is something I really like to dl, listen and enjoy!

That's a treat - thank you Riccardo.

matt w said...

Thank you! I will always want to hear whatever these musicians do.

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you...a million times. Homage is one of my favorite pieces of music, so great to hear a duet version of it!

riccardo said...

mics > microphones

Igor said...

Hey Anon,
what you asked here is very deep question, but I can't figure out what did you expect to be used for live recording? Dildo?

I look forward to hear this intriguing combination. Many thanks, riccardo.

riccardo said...

@ waggadventure.com

"Homage to Charles Parker" was first performed at the AACM's annual Festival in Chicago, September, 1978, by Douglas Ewart, percussion, alto saxophone; Rrata Christine Jones, dancer and coreographer; George Lewis, electronics and electric organ.

corvimax said...

I had never heard of this "Homage To Charles Parker", excerpt very intriguing, and two musicians that I like, more on Douglas Ewart side maybe.
many thanks Riccardo

matt w said...

corvimax -- the studio "Homage to Charles Parker" is one of the very greatest jazz albums and is available as an MP3 download on amazon.com for an insanely cheap price. (For some reason it's four times more expensive on iTunes.)

JC said...


Arcturus said...

thanks riccardo

Love Letters Journal said...

Thanks this trombonist is one BAD brotha!