12 February 2012

ELTON DEAN "TRIOS" (ED Tapes, 1989)

Never heard about this (and an upcoming one) cassette - I'm very grateful - Thank you Andy!


Elton Dean, alto saxophone & saxello
Marcio Mattos, bass (1,5)
Howard Riley, piano (1,5)
John Etheridge, guitar (2,4)
Fred Thelonius Baker, electric bass (2,4)
Keith Tippett, piano (3,6)

1. Reconciliation (ED/MM/HR) 04:56
2. Unda (ED/JE/ FTB) [Dean] 10:08
3. The return (ED/KT) 14:44
4. Rising (ED/JE/FTB) [Dean] 10:23
5. Ova (ED/MM/HR) 10:22
6. Reunion (ED/KT) 06:51

Recorded at H.O.W. Studios, London. (1989)
3 & 6 recorded live in concert.

Note: Issued by Elton Dean himself only on cassette (ED Tapes).



onxidlib said...
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Nick said...

Hey, thanks once again Andy and Onxi, you seem to have a bottomless treasure trove.

Wallofsound said...

This is a treasure. Thanks for sharing.

h-a-b said...

Howard Riley's gone AWOL? you may want to fix the line-up info... thanks!

onxidlib said...

seems I was upsent-minded...now fixed - thank you h-a-b...

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this

Ewan said...


The discography at http://www.hulloder.nl/ed-80.html has some details of this '1989'(?) recording, plus the 1988 Duos tape sessions and the subsequent EQ live session.

But one of the duo tracks with Keith T - (3) The Return - is listed in both sessions, whereas you have it and the other KT duet as live recordings.

You correctly list both of these as live - they sound exactly the same and 6 includes the applause at the track end.

(1) & (4) are listed in the disco as being on 'Twos and Threes' - Voiceprint 95 (out of print), as is the version(?) of (3) listed in the Duo sessions.

Any more revealing detail on the rest of the cassette packages?

Cheers, Ewan

Andy said...

@Ewan I'm a little confused. 'The Return' is listed (rightly) on Hulloder as only on 'Trios'. I sent Onx the info so it's possible I've messed up. Life's getting shorter, but please clarify what you think is a mistake.
I'd forgotten about '2s and 3s'. Of course it is made up of a selection of tracks from ED Tapes.

Andy said...

'Twos and Threes'appears to be still available from Amazon marketplace http://www.amazon.co.uk/Twos-Threes-Elton-Dean/dp/B00004XNCB/ref=sr_1_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1329065443&sr=1-1

Mosa said...

A diamond.
Thank You!
Best Wishes

Ewan said...

Sorry Andy

When will I learn that I now fit the cliche of men not being able to do 2 things at once?

I guess I was wondering about whether the Duos track with Keith Tippett was from the same live set, then got my wires crossed.

Anyway, thanks for these.

reservatory said...

Thanks for this little surprise, especially with Howard Riley!

matt w said...

Very nice, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much

Farmer Allan said...

I know I'm pretty late to the party, but it is possible to re-post some of the many Elton Dean rarities that you have that were originally on rapidshare but are now GONE? It would sure be appreciated.

This is my first day on your blog. It is awesome!! I have to tell you, though, it was posting CHRIS HEDGES as a resource that made me realize that you and I are friends for Life!

Thanks for this blog!!

David said...

Hi, can this be reupped please? Thanks!

SlexaUran said...

Re-Upp please