1 May 2014


This a re-up from a post I made in January 2012. The words below are from this year.
But most of them are still good. Especially why is there no re-issue and more particularly > Enjoy!

When I got to hear this recording at a friends house (thank you A.) I immediately knew I had to obtain this extraordinary and marvelous composition (and playing!!) by Fred Van Hove.

Some days ago it arrived - and upon second hearing I wasn't disappointed - Au Contraire!

Hopefully Nato is preparing a proper reissue...


FRED VAN HOVE "KKWTT" (Pour Quintette À Cuivres Et Piano Improvisé)

Arthur Van Der Hoeft, alto horn, trumpet
Leo Verheyen, trombone
Wim Becu, trombone
Hubert Sleymer, trombone, euphonium
Jozef Matthessen, tuba
Fred Van Hove, piano, composition

1ère Partie: A

A1. A1 à 4 04:34
A2. A5 à 8 07:41

2éme Partie: B

A3. B 07:47

3ème Partie: C

B1. C1 à 3 08:48
B2. C4 05:47
B3. C5: Marche Finale 03:22

Recorded: 17 June at King Kong (Antwerpen), Belgium & 18 July 1984 at Butte aux Oies (Tassé 72), France.

NATO 355

(lp rip)



onxidlib said...
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wightdj said...

Super session, thanks.

Anonymous said...

marvellous, onxidlib, thank you very much! :)

pierre cornuel's cover arts are among my very favorites - how odd!!

matt w said...

Very nice, thank you!

Somehow it reminds me of Chris Jonas's The Vermillion (which of course is later).

matt w said...

Is there a tuba player as well? The Euro Free Improv page lists Jozef Matthessen.

onxidlib said...

Yes, there's a tuba player as well - seems I've forgot him...

Salva said...

Great. Thank you.

boogieman said...

Thanks for posting an album by Fred Van Hove. It reminds me that there was a thriving Flemish free jazz scene in the seventies, mostly Antwerp-based. I saw quite a few of these guys in live gigs. Most are forgotten now, Van Hove seems to be the sole survivor.

Anonymous said...

I was about to upload it but the quality of your LP rips are much better than mine. So thank you very much ;-)

zootropo said...

links are dead now :(

onxidlib said...

@ Zootropo, at least wupload is still working - I've checked it a few minutes ago and everything was OK!

Please be more persistent before alerting us...

Frédito said...

Wonderful atmospheres, superb record ; thank you Onxidlib.

jazztrane said...

please new link.

jazztrane said...


onxidlib said...


Toci said...

Thank you!

Solomon said...

Thank you.