28 July 2011

Anthony Braxton Quintet - Live in Milan '77

"At this point, speaking of Braxton and his music is difficult: he's an
artist exposed to all sorts of influences, very receptive, but also with
enormous intelligence and integrity, that always put him in a much
more critical perspective towards those influences.
His music reflects all this, there is no hint of complacency on one side
and there is no time to be ironic on the present on the other side.
The past, especially bebop, is perhaps an essential part of his inspiration.
The analyticity of Braxton's interpretations is a stimulus that is
difficult to escape.
" G.Dalla Bona - Musica Jazz July 1977

Now it's time for hourglasses...

Rec. live at "Teatro Lirico", Milan, Italy, on June 3, 1977
(mix recording)

Anthony Braxton,alto & sopranino sax
George Lewis,trombone,euphonium,sousaphone
Muhal Richard Abrams,piano
Mark Helias,bass
Charles "Bobo" Shaw,drums

1. Composition 40 M (17:53)
2. Composition 40 (?) (52:20)
3. Composition 40 B (07:48)

Total Time 1:18:03

The end of track #2


riccardo said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch. I've followed Braxton throughout his career but I am partial to his work in the '70s. Can't wait to hear it!
...Tom F.

sotise said...

superb, mille grazie.

BorisBeckham said...

simply amazing.
a mere day after the quintet (basel) 1977 concert released by hatart.
can't thank enough.

john said...

I agree with anon; 70's Braxton has an exciting edge to it. Many thanks.

trane said...

Thamks Riccardo, I love most of Braxton's music, and this quintet is one of my favorite settings

Anonymous said...

thanks for share this amazed show , an real historie jem

Igor said...

Sousaphone!? How often one can see that cat is playing sousaphone?
Many thanks for this beauty.

armando said...

thanks a lot riccardo. I specially love the Braxton-Lewis interaction. Superb!

Arcturus said...

greatly appreciated - besides the frontline, more Muhal has me smiling - thanks riccardo!

kinabalu said...
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kinabalu said...

New link:


Javier Roz said...

Many many thanks for keep this one alive!

Marco Bertoli said...

Words fail me – I was there, all of thirteen years old, my first jazz concert. That same evening Steve Lacy took the stage…

Thank you a lot.

DW said...

kinabalu, thanks!

Certifiablockhead said...

at this point i´m blown away...most wonderful...thank you...