10 July 2011

Abdullah Ibrahim & Ekaya - Live in Milan 2011

Something recorded this winter.
Every help in naming unknown tracks is welcome.

Rec. live at "Teatro Manzoni", Milan, Italy, on
January 30, 2011 (mics recording)

Abdullah Ibrahim
Andrae Murchison,trombone
Antonio Hart,alto sax & flute
Keith Loftis,tenor sax
Tony Kofy,baritone sax
Belden Bullock,bass
George Gray,drums

01. Track #1 (07:03)
02. Track #2 (16:11
03. The Mountain (03:16)
04. Nisa (07:07)
05. Track #5 (03:04)
06. Blues For A Hip King (10:21)
07. Tuang Guru (05:20)
08. Star Dance (06:29)
09. Joan Capetown Flower (26:56)
10. Duke 88 (03:57)
11. The Wedding (04:15)
12. Sotho Blue (06:15)
13. Water From An Ancient Well (22:46)

Total Time 2:03:05

The Wedding


riccardo said...

mp3 (279 MB)

flac (609 MB) part1 part2

amnesia said...


Thanks very much for this. I have a vinyl rip of the Ibrahim / Ward duo concert, Kalisz Poland 1984 if this is of interest and someone could upload it on my behalf. Much more material of interest to visitors to this site available possibly.

riccardo said...

@ amnesia

surely it's interesting!

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Dirk Bill said...

Hello. All the MultiUpload links are dead throughout your wonderful blog. I appreciate any re-ups you can manage; it's all goof!

indigonoir said...

Please, can this concert be re-posted too. Thank you.

francisco santos said...

re post, please...

kinabalu said...



and very enjoyable two hours, too.

indigonoir said...

Kinabalu I listened to the recording twice. Pure pleasure. The occasional cough took me back to a concert he played at the Market Theatre many moons ago. It started with an avante garde approach. Abdullah entered under a follow spot, doing Tai Chi, wearing a Kabuki mask and clutching a soprano saxophone, after which he sat down at the piano and launched into a solo performance using both instruments. The latter half of the set was with the band (still not performing his popular music). At the end he introduced the band, again playing solo piano whilst the audience left ...the drummer who was from Philly then took it upon himself to announce Abdullah Ibrahim with a tremendous drum solo, the others band members joined in and eventually so did Abdullah. Well, seven of us in the audience had remained and was treated to about an hour long jam session. What ensued was a spectacular sound journey. I "bumped" Abdullah a couple of years later in Cape Town and we chuckled together about what the rest of the audience had missed. Moral of the story is never leave before the band leaves the stage, I suppose. I hope you have more concert recordings to share.

roberth said...

kinabalu thanks for this and the other Abudllah I's!!!!!!!!

agmosk said...

Thanks kinabalu and riccardo!