5 January 2011

Urs Bloechlinger - Neurotica


HatArt 2008
Swiss pressing 1984
2 record set in special cardboard sleeve
Cover grafic design by Ruedi Wyss

Urs Blöchlinger alto
Ruedi Häusermann flute, alto
Hans Koch tenor
Glen Ferris tromb
Jürg Ammann p
Thomas Dürst b
Dieter Ulrich dr

side 1:
King Arthur meets Hans Eisler in Hollywood - 12:48
Peggy's Blue Skylight - 5:44
Quick motion picture with a break shoe - 5:35

side 2:
Oh, soviel Vieh, Sophie - 3:36
Where is my funny Ballantines? - 9:32
Combinations - 11:29

side 3:
Kungusisches Arbeitslied - Niemand weiss hinten, wie er vorn dran ist - 14:16
The psychology of steeple chase - 8:01

side 4:
Neurotica - 12:17
Adrenallini - 4:43
Baghwan business - 1:35

total ca. 90 min

LP-rip to .flac - 2011-01-04
cover and inside reproduced in .zip
extended liner notes (german)

my 1st contribution here - enjoy!


Owombat said...


kinabalu said...

Welcome to the club, O.!

Wallofsound said...

Thank you and welcome to IS.

gilhodges said...

I adore this record. Wonderful share. Congrats and thank you Owombat!

onxidlib said...

Hi Owombat,

Let's clink the beer glasses...

Frédito said...

Merci, Owombat !
Superb cover. I look forward to discover the music.

Anonymous said...

welcome Owombat ,and thanks for this!...

my modem crashed in a thunderstorm right after the Barbieri post ... cant wait to get back online and sample this !..
cheers to you , and all the best for the new year.

serviceton said...

HatArt cat no. 2008 eh? When the world was young. . .
Thanks for this Owombat - excellent.

janbue3 said...

thanks for all these gems

jonathanalomoto said...

hi, i've been looking for this for ages and the only lp copy i have come across was £45, could you re-upload please?


serviceton said...

here you go jonathan

http://oron.com/68090ur9xjnz - 333.2 Mb

sachat54 said...

hello ... if you have the opportunity / the time for a re-upload ... thanks ! d.L.

Nick said...