5 January 2011

Okay Temiz + Johnny Dyani – Witchdoctor’s Son (Istanbul, 1976)

Okay Temiz + Johnny Dyani – Witchdoctor’s Son (1976)
Release: 1976
Label: Yonca Plak (YCSLP 5013)

The Players:
* Okay Temiz - drums, percussion
* Johnny Dyani - bass, piano, vocals
* Saffet Gundeger - clarinet, violin
* Gunnar Bergsten - baritone sax
* Oguz - electric bass

Recorded 1976 in Istambul. Exact date unknown.

(A1) Gece [The Night] (Okay Temiz) [03:46]
(A2) Yesil Fener [I'm a Green Lamp] (Turkish Trad. arr by O. Temiz) [05:46]
(A3) Sark Gezintileri [Orient Trip] (Turkish Trad. arr by O. Temiz) [04:16]
(A4) Karadeniz Dalgari [Black Sea Waves] (Turkish Trad. arr by O. Temiz) [02:10]
(A5) Doktur [Play for me] (Turkish Trad. arr by O. Temiz) [04:57]

(B1) Elhamdulillah Marimba [Marimba] (Don Cherry arr. by Johnny Dyani) [06:16]
(B2) Hepimiz Icin [It's for you all] (Johnny Dyani) [03:57]
(B3) Ben Muslumanim [I'm Muslim Man] (Johnny Dyani) [04:46]
(B4) Moriva [Moriva] (By the Children of South Africa) [07:33]

total time [43:33]

I got this LP in the sales-bin of a tiny record shop in Copenhagen. Never seen it again afterwards. A great musical bridge between cultures, and a very spontaneous, inspired set.

pressing could be better, i did my best to remove noises - have fun!



Owombat said...
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wightdj said...

Very cool, thanks.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely fantastic.

There are youtube clips of Okay Temiz and Johnny Dyani playing with Don Cherry that are incredible, and apparently they all played along with a James Baldwin Istanbul once. One can dream.



Anonymous said...

This blog continues to astound me with the quality and breadth of material! Thank you all very much! -mb

bra robs said...

great! thank you !!

bra robs said...

thank you also for the worderful Ninesense live set !! every british / south african live tape is highly appreciated! a big THANK

Anonymous said...

this is seriously one of the best psych-jazz-world-ethno-folk-groove albums ever recorded.
I hold onto my copy very dearly and play it everytime I feel like dancing.

Cheers / Ozibm

kokolo said...

Thank you very much!

Oyster said...

Thank you very much for all Okay Temiz uploads. I was very much looking for them for years and years. I hope to find Temiz`s Drummer of the Two Worlds album.

matt s. said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been looking for this record for years, after I read a blurb about it. Every time I see it on Ebay there asking for well over $100. Thanks for this share, I am really looking forward to hearing this LP.

Oyster said...

I hope you may like my Okay Temiz TV documentary and video uploads; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIzCFEBaCpg

Owombat said...

thanks for the extended Okay Temiz doku! i admit i still did not have the time to watch the long clips (45-50 min) completely, but they give many nice impressions!


Anonymous said...

to think that pompous rip-off gavin bryars had the nerve to speak badly of johnny dyani!!

be like chris botti talkin' smack about miles davis!

dyani ranks as one of the greatest folk-jazz bass players of all time, alongside mingus and the great bill lee.

coupled with temiz! always amazing


Anonymous said...

seriously ill.
this album is a beast in the word's greatest sense.
An unknown masterpiece.
thank you.

hideo said...

listening no, kicks ass!

arigato mucho!

Unknown said...

can you please repost the files!!!!!!

Unknown said...

yes, I'd love to get to know this recording, could somebody please make it available again?

Sergej said...

I found it here

Anonymous said...

Can someone re-up it, the actual link on music around the world provide only a mp3 file, if someone have the flac it would be great!!

Nod y said...


A re-up would be great?
thank in advance

Anonymous said...

Yes many months later adding my voice to re-up requests which are now a year old...

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

After searching again for this rip I haven't found it anywhere.
Probably it could be found on someone else's hd or cd-r.
I would appreciate a re-up as well.

mew23 said...
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Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thank you very much, mew23!!!

francisco santos said...


correct silence said...

it have just been reissued on lp and on digital by Matsuli Music, a remastered edition with an incredible good sound compared to the original lp

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Deleted mew23's link 'cause it will be reissued on September 18, 2017. See comment above.

Prohibition69 said...

Matsuli Music have released a free (optional) download compilation should you wish to listen to the rest of the label: https://matsulimusic.bandcamp.com/album/mzansi-afro-jazz-sounds-matsuli-label-sampler