2 January 2011

Francois Tusques - Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra vol.2

Some may recall that I posted a while ago vols. 1 and 4 of the Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra. This was a project of Francois Tusques to go "popular" - to connect with workers and immigrants, to take the music to the people, very much in line with the ethos of les gauchistes at the time. While Tusques had been at the forefront in introducing the concept of free jazz to French and European audiences from the mid-60s onwards, including the Intercommunal album on Shandar we posted here earlier, the Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra was a step in a new direction, in the direction of accessibility and connectedness. This meant engaging in current political topics, domestically and abroad. Whether this made a dent in the larger scheme of things, is doubtful, but it remains a document of incorporating into jazz popular music from near and afar, with musical references to the Middle East and to Africa, a precursor of what was to be known as world music, though I hate that term.

This was the second release on the musician-run Le Temps des Cerises label, taking its name from a French song associated with the Paris Commune and thought to be dedicated to a nurse who was killed during the government strike-down of the commune. We posted the first earlier, but from a rerelease on the Vendemiaire label. The recording sounds as if it was done from the audience, the pressing is not too great and the music is ramshackle, but what the hell, we're not into polished aesthetics here. The music was recorded at Moulin de Prades-le-lez which is in Languedoc, not too far from Montpellier.

Basic facts:


Side 1

Un peuple qui en prime un autre ne peut pas etre un peuple libre (F. Tusques) (10:20) Michel Marre (baryton), Francois Tusques (piano), Jo Maka (soprano sax), Adolphe Winkler (trombone, maraccas), Guem (tam tam).

En souvenir de Cante Facelli (F. Tusques) (8:40) Jo Maka (soprano sax), F. Tusques (piano), Guem (tam tam), Adolphe Winkler (maraccas)

Side 2

Relaxation (A.Winkler) (11:05) A. Winkler (trombone), F. Tusques (piano), Guem (congas), Jo Maka (tambourin)

Chanson pour Pierre Overney (F. Tusques) (8:40) Francois Tusques (piano), Jo Maka (soprano sax), Adolphe Winkler (trombone)

Recorded in Prades-le-lez, Occitanie, 25-26 January 1974

(Le Temps des Cerises 02)

Michel Marre is listed as being on the first track, but I can't hear him. Listen out for the long, lucid solo by Jo Maka on the second piece. I'll have to seek out more from him. All in all, bit of a jolly down at the village hall or wherever it was. To be enjoyed!


kinabalu said...
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serviceton said...

Indeed I do recall you posting Vols 1 & 4.
I was listening to the Jo Maka one (Vol 4) -and thoroughly loving it - the other night. A little joie de vivre - good for the soul. Great to see this here - and with Maka on it as well! Many thanks kinabalu.
And now for the 'elusive Vol 3'?

kinabalu said...

Coming up. Just have to do the vinyl transfer, scans and all the rest.

kinabalu said...

It dawned on me that the baritone, after a bit of research, is a member of the brass family of instruments, and that Michel Marre is indeed the one to be heard on the first track. More of him on vol.3, but we'll get to that.

serviceton said...

Think you are right. It would be extraordinary if instead, Marre were playing one of these - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baryton

Vol 3 is coming up? One asks the impossible, and so shall one receive!..

serviceton said...

"Down at the village hall" - yes indeed, and recorded on the finest cardboard equipment that money could buy! Side 1 the folky groovy one, and Side 2 the wiggy one. You're right, Maka is ace on "En souvenir de Cante Facelli" . [Should be Kante Facelli?] A read of the liner notes and even casual googling of (for instance) the name "Pierre Overney" give a very good feel for the time too.
I suspect this is stonkingly rare - many thanks kinabalu!

kinabalu said...

S, I think you're right. Kante is written with a k on the front cover, but with a c on the insert. Intuitively, I think Kante sounds more plausible. There might be even more Intercommunal beyond vol.3, but let me say no more until the thing is safely reeived.

Anonymous said...

this one's gone too, if time permits please repost!

kinabalu said...
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Anonymous said...

and now i'm ready to dance!
Tusques Orchestra is really enjoyable, thank you very much, kinabalu!

Anonymous said...

yippee!!!!! THANK YOU! :)


kinabalu said...

New link:


rebf942 said...

Many thanks for making these available again.

DW said...

Thank you!

elpeleon said...

Merci beaucoup pour tous ces "Tusques" !!