12 January 2011

Company - Live in London '79 vol.1

"For me, Company is still the best way for me to work. It has always
meant that, "in company" as opposed to solo, just with other people,
really. The only thing I could say about Company is that it is not solo.
I always thought the name was anonymous enough not to mean
anything." D.Bailey

Rec. live at "Conway Hall", London, on March 3, 1979
(mics recording)

Steve Lacy,soprano saxophone (1/4)
Han Bennink,drums,viola,bass clarinet,trumpet,etc (1/3)
Wadada Leo Smith,trumpet (2)
Evan Parker,tenor and soprano saxophones (2/4)
Tristan Honsinger,cello (2)
Derek Bailey,electric and acoustic guitars (3)
Maarten van Regteren Altena,bass (4)

1. SL/HB (07:46)
2. WLS/EP/TH (24:54)
3. DB/HB (20:05)
4. SL/EP/MA (19:05)

Total Time 1:11:52


riccardo said...

mp3 (158 MB)

flac (435) : part1 part2 part3

matt w said...

Wow. This looks like one of the most amazing of all the amazing things you've been posting. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


maready said...

Congratulations on the amazing occasion of Inconstant Sol's Fifth Anniversary and thank you very much for this particular post, as well as all the others I have forgotten to thank you for since my last comment. I look forward to celebrating Inconstant Sol's 10th anniversary five years down the line!

BB said...


onxidlib said...

That's marvelous - a unknown (to me)Company recording.

Thank you so much!

wightdj said...

Appreciated! I had written to Bailey when I read about the plans for the 1977 Company. He sent me a stack of flyers to put up in NYC. The recordings of the various groupings of Company are favorites for me.

Owombat said...

Hi Riccardo,
a great event that was for sure!
are we to expect more of the same day?
i am asking because i have a different aud.rec. with more material (+about 82 min), and also have some slightly deviant track information
(your track 3 DB+HB, 20 min actually looks like 2 tracks to me, ca.11 min DB+HB, and following other 10 min HB (on bcl, ts!) with DB and TH)
to all - send a signal if the addtl. material should be posted here, in which case i will try to upload soon.

archer said...

wow! what an amazing surprise!

much gratitude!

archer said...

...oh, and big ups and gratitude to owombat in advance

kingpossum said...

Bless you Riccardo! Man oh man do I miss Mr. Bailey. Whatever it was he did, nobody else has ever done anything like it to my ear. On any instrument. The guitar was his vehicle, and nobody else ever explored the possibilities of that instrument like Derek did.


riccardo said...

@ Owombat

Have got this recording in
a trade thirty years ago and
digitized just a couple of
days ago, keeping the same
tracks order of the tape.
Can't say this is the whole concert, so it would be very interesting to listen to your additional recording!

I still have to digitize another Company recording made the following day (March 4) at the ICA, same line-up more A.Braxton :

4. HB/DB
5. SL/TH

TT approximately 110 min.

Owombat said...

@ Riccardo, this might explain things - my addtl. material says march 3 alltogether, but could be the concerts of march 4. Have to check later. if so, i can upload. anyway i think we have different sources, judged by the title duration times.
Cheers, O.

riccardo said...

1. AB/EP/TH (11:19)

Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to hearing this. Thanks for this and the many other wonderful posts on your site.

Owombat said...

@ riccardo - what´s your email?
thanks for contact, O

Anonymous said...

Now, Link is dead.
Please upload again.

kinabalu said...

New links:



Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will never forget your kindness, kinabalu.

Javier Roz said...

Great again kinabalu!