30 November 2010

The Thing plus Otomo Yoshihide and Akira Sakata live at Super Deluxe, Tokyo, 2009

Following up this fine series of Japanese improv, here's a more recent collaboration between Scandinavian power trio The Thing and Otomo Yoshihide and Akira Sakata, recorded live at Super Deluxe in Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan on 9 September 2009.

Setlist :
1.? [ 24min 42sec ] The Thing plus Otomo Yoshihide
2.? [ 11min 43sec ] Mads Gustafsson (ts) and Akira Sakata (as)
3.? [ 08min 44sec ] Mads Gustafsson (flutophone) and Akira Sakata (cl)
4.? [ 30min 04sec ] TT, OY and AS
5.? [ 14min 46sec ] TT, OY and AS
6.? [ 09min 26sec ] TT, OY and AS

The Band:
Mats Gustafsson(ts, flutophone)
Ingebrigt Haaker Flaten(bass)
Paal Nilssen-Love(drums)
Otomo Yoshihide(guitar)
Akira Sakata(as,cl, voc)

Different combinations here, first with The Thing and Otomo Yoshihide, then a couple of duets with Mads Gustafsson and Akira Sakata and the whole crew in full flight. As I mentioned in a previous post, there is a sense of continuity from the 60s/70s pioneers and up to the younger generation of European and Japanese players with Sakata representing the binding thread in this instance. Gustafsson has professed to be an admirer of Sakata, so this gig presented an opportunity for them to get together and blow out on a couple of duets as part of the set. The Thing has worked with guitarists before, among others Thurston Moore and Terrie Ex and here Otomo Yoshihide provides the right screechy foil to the rhythm section of Haaker Flaten and Nilssen-Love who, by the way, also worked with guitarist Raoul Björkenheim as the Scorch Trio, a name quite appropriate for the music they dished out. No mellowing out here!

Video clips can be found on YouTube:


and considering the season we're heading into:


Yes, Akira Sakata does sing!

Recorded and upped to Dime/YouTube by "fykfyk"who keeps a steady track of musical events in the Tokyo underground. Thanks, mate!


kinabalu said...
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Yes, this is music which is melting the ice.

Kamen said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I was just going through a heavy couple of weeks of Gustafsson and all things Smalltown Superjazzz and wham, this thing pops up in my RSS reader.


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Thank you. Missed this over there.

Dr Eyescope said...

Thanks, kinabalu.
I'm going to see The Thing next week with special guest Joe McFee.
I'll whet my wistle with this for now. TOOT!

Dr Eyescope said...

Apologies to Joe McPhee for mis-spelling his name in my above comment

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Hi kinabalu, please could you re-up this interseting sounding set, thanks

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Stereo Tommy said...

Crazy. I was actually at this gig. When I lived in Tokyo, the only time you'd see Sakata play live was when the Swedes or Chris Corsano were in town, and he always, ALWAYS blew everyone else off the stage -- Gustafsson, Vandermark, Brotzmann -- everybody. His profile seems to have risen somewhat in the last few years, and it's about time.

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