2 October 2010


Another deleted recording with Herbert Joos.

Herbert Joos,tp,flh,ob,perc
Michael Sell,tp,flh
Heiner Wiberny,fl,afl,as,bs,bcl
Bernd Konrad,fl,ss,bcl
Paul Schwarz,fl,p
Jacek Bednarek,b (only tr.2 & 6)
Adelhard Roidinger,b
Thomas Cremer,dr

1. Burning flowers (Joos) 06:57
2. Foggy night (Joos) 15:16
3. Soft (Sell) 08:17
4. Eine Sekunde bitte (Sell) 06:20
5. Three little pigs (Konrad) 01:32
6. Two men only (Schwarz) 06:22

Solos on:
1. Konrad:ss + bcl / Schwarz:p / Wiberny:bs
2. Wiberny:afl / Joos:muted tp / Konrad:ss / Schwarz:p
3. Wiberny:as / Joos:flh / Roidinger:b / Sell:muted tp
4. Sell:tp / Konrad:bcl / Cremer:dr
5. Konrad & Wiberny:bcl
6. Roidinger & Bednarek:b

Recorded at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg, Germany, May 1975

Cover by H.Joos



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onxidlib said...
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freebones said...

i would love to hear this. it says the link is dead, but with the new r@pidsh@re rules i don't trust them. is the link still good?

freebones said...

and suddenly it works. thanks, RS. minus the sarcasm, thank YOU onxidlib!

Damon Smith said...

Danke Schon!!!

Damon Smith said...

Your rips sound REALLY good, too! Please keep them coming! This is a good one!

wildgrebe said...

fine one many thanks


onxidlib said...

thank you for the appreciation.
This certainly keeps me going.

Calisan said...

Como es posible que no me percate de este grandioso album con este fantástica agrupacion: Joos, Konrad, Schwarz, Roidinger y mas...

Tendras acaso el "Sali" de "Paul Schwarz y Bernd Konrad" entre tus curiosidades?
Otro discazo contemporáneo de este mismo.
Gracias onxidlib!

onxidlib said...


Benedrin said...

Thanks for everything dear friend, reups as well as new posts, a necessity which I'm very grateful for.

Nod y said...

Hello Onxidlib

it is really not in stereo, absolutely sure of it.

Solomon said...

Thank you.

onxidlib said...

Hi Nod y - I shall check my CD-r of the rip. Hopefully this is in stereo. If not I might do a new rip of my LP. But this will be most probably not before end of July or August.
Have some obligations for broadcasts which will keep me busy in my spare time for several weeks.

Nod y said...

Hi Onxi

Take your time. I just wanted to let you know about it, there are few others re-up that I also noticed that they are in mono but I think that you and all the contributors do a real incredible job in general with high transfer quality and high level of choice, so more often I prefere to write positive comments, so I really can wait to have the stereo version. I remember that one Herbert Joos was also in mono but can't remember the exact title.