28 October 2010


Here is - at last - Michael Sell. For more information about him see the post with "Free Jazz Group Wiesbaden".
Please note : there is obviously a bug on the cover. Namek Aclan is a tuba player - alas he's not listed on the back-cover. But apparently he does play on the album. See also the comment from October 7, 2015.
 (Frank Köllges does play during the whole album and not as I have written in the info file only on one piece - sorry.)
Michael Sell has still some older LPs and CDs - not to mention he more recent output.
You can get them here > http://www.michael-sell.de/cd.html
My favourite LPs are "Jugoslawische Quartette" with Buschi Niebergall and the double LP
"Emanationen" with its extended piece(s).

Enjoy and support the artists as long as they live!


onxidlib said...


intempestif said...

Unbelievable! You've done it again, Onxidlib! I've been familiar with Michael Sell's cover art for a while (there are a few of them on Discogs), now finally i've got a chance to hear the music! Thanks for that!
I checked, most of his older LP albums are now OOP. A couple of them are still available but it looks like he's only got very few copies left. And I don't know of any other place that might have them.

drhotte said...

To intempestif,

I own three other Michael Sell LPs:

Emanationen (Double LP)and the two LP's Misp 504 and 505.

If you or someone else is interrested I could make a rip and post them.

If there is a problem with the only near by oop status at this blog, you can leave an email adress here and I will send the links to this adress


Anonymous said...

Thanks a fantastic album!!!!!!!


onxidlib said...

Some years ago I called Güter Christmann wether he still has some old LPs.
I bought all remainig LPs (as Günter Christmann told me)and some limited CDs and CD-r's editions.

I did this with some other musicians as well - and mostly there still was something which made my heart jump.
Maybe not a LP but small flowers of human relations.

Writing this I want to bolster you to try to contact the musicians themselves.
What could be a better sign of interest for them.

Not at least you support the musician of your choice directly. We know all what are the prices at ebay et.al.

Wouldn't it be better to let the musicians earn it. They - at least - deserve it.

onxidlib said...
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fslmy said...

interesting album which i've never heard of, many thanks

intempestif said...

drhotte, I would love to hear the albums you mention! Thank you very much for offering.

untimelyband at yahoo dot com

onxidlib, the idea of buying albums directly from musicians is really great. It never occured to me.

drhotte said...

Here is MISP 504:


onxidlib you can make a real post of it, if you want


Frédito said...

These Innovationen are Hervorragend !
Vielen dank, Onxidlib

intempestif said...

Drhotte, thanks a lot for MISP 504, I'm really loving it. Cheers!

onxidlib said...


thank you as well for "Im Walde".

As this album is still available I won't make a postfrom it...

Thanks again!

intempestif said...

Drhotte, if you are reading this, MISP 505 is definitely out of print. I'd be very grateful if you could upload it as well. Cheers

neil said...

Bookmarked this two years ago, and just getting round to checking it out now; many thanks for keeping it out there...

sikes said...

Hi onxidlib, could you re-up this please, i would be very greatful thanks

onxidlib said...


SamRivers D said...

Scene at the Tomb of a Eunuch?
What a fascinating instrumentation!
The presence of Jorgensmann, Niebergall, and van Manen is very promising. Thank you onxidlib (bill dixon?), and for your note about direct contact.

sikes said...

Thanks a lot

Bulkang U. Antibop said...

Wow! What a great album! I'll be returning to this frequently, thank you! great showing from everyone really! sell is really a fine brass! Surely too bubblingly ecstatic for "scene at the tomb of a eunuch!" ...but perhaps instead some...pleasurable freedom beyond the grave...

Karsten Lehl said...

According to Frank Köllges' handwritten notes about these sessions (his estate is currently being catalogued by me) Namek Aclan is present on the LP - however, not as a vibraphonist, but as a tuba player.

onxidlib said...

Hi Karsten Lehl, thank you very much for your input. Really appreciated!
Shall change the text-file accordingly.

Mir war nicht klar das Frank Köllges nicht mehr lebt! R.I.P.