30 October 2010


Two LPs with Conny Bauer respectively Manfred Hering as leader. As far as I know the only recordings by a Free Big-Band from the DDR.
About one year later the wall came down and the musicians had to face not only an economical situation quiet different. For the majority of the East-Germans , who endured the five-year-plans et.al., BMW, Prada and Marlboro became far more important than some "esoteric" sounds. Very soon it became obvious that for most fans Free Jazz was more of a social thing (Free Jazz = Freedom) than a genuine artform.
Some of the former advocates are even listening to schlager or similar today - and this is no supposition or bias but a simple observation.
 It seems this LP was 'washed' away by history - it's release in 1989 wasn't helpful apparently.


LP 1 (leader Conrad Bauer)
LP 2 (leader Manfred Hering)
LP 1

Conny Bauer,leader
Andreas Altenfelder,tp
Jochen Gleichmann,tp
Ferry Grott,tp
Johannes Bauer,tb
Iven Hausmann,tb
Jörg Huke,tb
Ronald Roick,frh
Matthias Schade,tu
Dietmar Diesner,as,ss
Volker Schlott,as
Manfred Hering,ts
Thomas Klemm,ts
Heiner Reinhardt,ts,bcl
René Schönherr,bs
Hanno Rempel,p
Helmut "Joe" Sachse,g
Klaus Koch,b
Günter Sommer,dr

1. Frühlingslied 18:59
2. Beutel 18:57

LP 2

Manfred Hering,leader,as
Jochen Gleichmann,tp,flh
Ferry Grott,flh
Frank Gerth,tb
Jörg Huke,tb
Matthias Schade,tu
Volker Schlott,as,ss
Thomas Klemm,ts
Helmut Forsthoff,ts
René Schönherr,bs
Hansi Noack,v
Peter Koch,vc
Helmut "Joe" Sachse,g
Reiner Kühn,eb
Christoph Winkler,b
Peter Lucht,dr
Matthias Gassert,perc

1. Western - Ostern 24:48
2. Siegel + Tita 20:53

(LP 1) "Jazzbühne Berlin", Friedrichstadtpalast, Berlin, DDR
on 3rd June 1988

(LP 2) "Jazz in der Kammer 157", Kammerspiele des Deutschen Theaters, Berlin
on 4th December 1988


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This sounds great! I agree, these are probably the largest Free Jazz bands from GDR on record. There were two other bands, Hans Rempel octet & orchester and Ulrich Gumpert Workshop Band. They were a bit smaller, but with a really big sound. Hans Rempel recordings are exceptionally good, but pretty rare: an album called "Number Six" and a 13 minute track on "Snapshot- Jazz Now, Jazz aus DDR" compilation is all I could find under his name.

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Thank you!

Other aspect of DDR:
http://musicforironing.blogspot.com/2010/09/ndk-centrum-gdr-center-ddr-zentrum.html :-)


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Thanks a lot, Onxidlib, this music opens others doors (Hi, Aldous !)