30 December 2009

Julius Hemphill Big Band - Live in New York '80

For the end of the year (and for closing this little ex-cursus about
the 70s/80s Big Bands) i want to propose one of the rare recordings
of the J.Hemphill B.B. : God Bless Julius!
And Happy New Year To You All.

Rec. live at "The Public Theatre", NYC, on November 1980
(mics recording)

Julius Hemphill,reeds,composer,conductor
Stan Strickland/John Purcell/Marty Ehrlich/Henry Threadgill,reeds
Baikida Carroll/John Clarice/Charles Stephens/Erritt McDonald,brasses
Ed Schuller,bass
Warren Smith,marimba
Pheeroan akLaff,drums

1. The Hard Blues (16:47)
2. For Billie (08:51)
3. Open Air (02:23)
4. Border Town (11:56)
5. All Harmony (15:07)
6. Unknown [inc.] (02:43)

Total Time 57:49


riccardo said...

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Wallofsound said...

Thanks, riccardo, a great way to end one year and start the next. Thanks for this year's posts; happy new year!

alec said...

Yes, an excellent post to conclude the year. Thanks once again for all the great music you have shared with us! Happy new year!

Eric/KMB Jazz said...

Hemphill is brilliant as always. So, back in maybe '91 or '92, JH did the score for a work by dancer Bill T. Jones. Last Supper At Uncle Tom's Cabin/The Promised Land was the name of it. Does anybody know if by chance there is a way to get that score? There's no official release, but maybe someone here has seen something? In a documentary I'd seen about Jones, the score is heard in the background.

Unknown said...

Thank you!

gerireig said...

Thanks again for this bountiful harvest. These are all the records you'd only see once in music shops (if you saw them at all). This brings back fond memories and great expectations. Your hard work is not unappreciated.

farosanderson said...

Thanks again for all the great music you guys post here, Hemphill's Big Band album is another in the long line of neglected delights, therefore i am looking forward to hearing this offering.

geronimo7 said...

Is it possible to re-up the flac version of this? Thank you

David said...

reup possible? Thanks!

mew23 said...

New link

David said...

Thanks mew23!

Certifiablockhead said...

xristmas present...thank you...

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agmosk said...

Wow! Thank you very much!

agmosk said...

These reposts are great! Thanks to all!

bhowani said...

I confirm! They are fantastic! Thank you, Mew23!