23 December 2009


Hello again, Here's a belated , rather fitting tribute to Rashied Ali who died a few Months ago....

this is a repost by request in Flac , the original mp3 links( 224 kbs) are still functional as far as i can tell.

One track ,a truncated edit of about 40 minutes duration , obviously a completely free improvisation.
blisteringly intense it is too...!!

the mp3's are (links gone! as of 2017) still here

recorded at the Knitting factory NYC on the 19th of june 1996... (to my knowledge still comercially unavailable)
i thought it fitting that this be reposted here... as opposed to 9 grey chairs .

Ivo Perelman, tenor saxophone
William Parker, bass
Rashied Ali, drums

1. Untitled 47:21

Zero In 2

those interested in this might be well advised to purchase, the amazing 'studio ' release Sad Life, on Leo Feigins Leo imprint, by this same trio ... its much better recorded than this and one of the very best discs in this vein period.



Spazz numbNuts said...
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simurgh said...

Ivo is my favourite musician.

This album was the missing link in my collection for a long time. I finally obtained my copy from Rick Lopez when he was having a sell-off three years ago. This is very high energy music and I like this more than 'Sad Life'. I still think his best album is 'Soccerland' which is how I found out about him.

I was in contact with him years ago and he asked if I could organise a rhythm section and a venue for him to play in Sydney. I'd just been married and bought a house so that was not possible at the time. I still dream of seeing him live.

Your site is always very interesting but I've only got the internet at work so the filters don't let me get to rapidshare. All the best for Christmas and thanks.

Spazz numbNuts said...

Simburgh, hi i'm from Sydney too, originally.... a pity Ivo doesnt come out ..that would be a once in a life time treat.. some friends who have seen him overseas say its a phenomenal experience...
dont know that i agree with you about about Sad life , and although i like this concert ... the sound is a bit murky...

soccerland is great ...i also like..The Eye Listens on box holder.. a lot...

if there's anything here you really want ...it can be organized , send me an email( click on my profile)... maybe we can trade .... theres some australian stuff im looking out for , things i used to own.... are you old enough to remember the group 'Free kata'.... from the late 70's with serge ermoll...they made 2 records in the late 70's. as far as i know they still havent been reissued... you wouldnt have those by any chance ...would you?
regardless of that ,we can work something out...if needs be.
have a good one..

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for re-upping this :)

francisco santos said...

BIG THX!...once more Ernst...