29 October 2009

Ken Vandermark's Resonance Ensemble - Live in Cormòns '09


"The Resonance Ensemble, an international New Jazz group,
began in 2007 as a co-presentation by Ken Vandermark and
Marek Winiarski. After performing in Poland over the course
of several years with a large number of groups (the Vandermark
5, duo with Paal Nilssen-Love, Sonore, Free Fall, Powerhouse
Sound, the Frame Quartet and many more), Vandermark decided
that is was time to organize a band that included musicians from
that part of the world. After consulting with Winiarski (who runs
Not Two records and is an organizer of Jazz concerts in Krakow),
the two combined their resources and knowledge in order to put
together a large unit of improvisers from the contemporary scene.

The Resonance Ensemble's music has advanced Vandermark's
composing methods for large groups, work that started with the
early music of Peter Brötzmann's Chicago Tentet and also the
Territory Bands. Much of this new material combines his interest
in “suite forms” (perhaps most influenced by Duke Ellington and
Charles Mingus) and a collaging approach to improvising structures
that he began with the Territory Band. The project provided
Vandermark with the first opportunity in his career to do nothing
but compose for a week. In September of 2009, he began a new
approach to writing for the project, a series of “modular pieces,”
which can be reassembled for each performance, giving added
spontaneity to both the improvising and the compositional structure.
The results of these efforts, coupled with the creative input of the
musicians and the organizational skills of Winiarski and the staff at
Alchemia, has given the current music scene a powerful band that
is helping to define a new era for Jazz and Improvised Music."

Rec live at "Jazz & Wine Of Peace '09", Teatro Comunale, Cormòns,
Italy, on October 23, 2009 (radio broadcast)

Ken Vandermark (USA),tenor saxophone,clarinet
WacBaw Zimpel (Poland),clarinet,bass clarinet
Mikolaj Trzaska (Poland),alto saxophone,bass clarinet
Mark Tokar (Ukraine),bass
Steve Swell (USA),trombone
Dave Rempis (USA),tenor & alto saxophones
Per-Âke Holmlander (Sweden),tuba
Tim Daisy (USA),drums
Magnus Broo (Sweden),trumpet
Michael Zerang (USA),drums,percussion

1. Modular And Abstract #1 (15:22)
2. Modular And Abstract #2 (18:05)
3. Modular And Abstract #3 (16:46)
4. Encore (04:26)

Total Time 54:40



riccardo said...

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zebtron said...

Thanks riccardo, been wanting to hear this band. Supposedly they're releasing a 10cd box set on Not Two.

Wallofsound said...

Looks very interesting. I'll listen over the weekend. As always many thanks for sharing.

The Haunter said...

Thank you much. I live in Chicago and have seen Vandermark play in assorted ensembles here. I am VERY grateful to be around such talent.

wightdj said...

That's a beauty, thanks. Not Two is starting to ship the 10-disc set next week.

Rob said...

Listening to this now. What a fantastic big band, the best Vandermark has done. Thank you for this recording.

rued said...

Wow!! This is amazing! Thank You!!

AlexMachen said...

there are some videos from concert in Ukraine


been there and I share Rob's opinion that it's the best big-band of Ken Vandermark (so far)

"nächstens mehr." said...

fantastic music, fantastic musicians - thanks a lot for this!

szklane oko said...

oh my, thank you for this stuff. two days ago i've seen them live, that's the best of this year's gigs, i guess.

_mars_express_ said...

Thank you! Fantastic

some videos from Gdańsk

Anonymous said...

Vandermark is HIGHLY overrated.

JazzHound said...

I always get a good tweak from this band... any chance of a reup?