9 August 2009

Muhal Richard Abrams Quintet - Live in Laren '78

This is (with the exception of George Lewis replacing
Anthony Braxton) the same lineup that recorded,
some months before, 1-OQA+19 for Black Saint.
From that album are taken the two long pieces here
performed as a suite.
A real "Dream Team"!

Rec. live in Laren, Holland, 1978
(radio broadcast)

Muhal Richard Abrams,piano
Henry Threadgill,alto saxophone,flute
George Lewis,trombone
Leonard Jones,bass
Steve McCall,drums

1. Charlie In The Parker_Arhythm Songy (1:06:38)


riccardo said...

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maghetto said...

thanks again,
I have 1-OQA +19 but not remember,
hear again after so many years
best regards

Anonymous said...

Awe-inspiring! Thank you so much!

alec said...

Thanks for sharing your collection of Abrams' work with us. This is another one that I have been looking to hear for quite a while.

Herb Levy said...

Great band!. Looking forward to hearing Lewis in this context.

Thanks a ton!!

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mk said...

Sounds very interesting, looking forward to listening to that stuff. thanks for sharing

Sivad said...

Very good! Thanks Riccardo!!

gerireig said...

Yikes-this looks too good to be true. The lineup is a killer. Two songs to stretch out in. Thanks in particular, and thanks generally.

Jake said...

Many thanks. 1-OQA +19 is one of my favorites from the AACM so I'm really looking forward to hearing these live interpretations.

Your site is wonderful. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, thanks!

SOTISE said...

this is amazing Riccardo.... THANKS!!!!!!

Jason Crane said...

George Lewis is incredible on this. Thanks so much!

Unknown said...

thank you very much. An amazing band and an amazing parformance

Anonymous said...

This is some of the best Muhal I've ever heard--thanks so much! Amazing!

Daniel Karrer said...

Hello there! Would you kindly consider a respost?

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Can someone kindly repost this gem?

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Thanks kinabalu,
all Riccardo's posts are invaluable.
You are very kindly.

Unknown said...

THE PICTURE OF Muhal Richard Abrams is a part of my pictures web site, you take this picture whitout my permission.

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