23 June 2009

Misha Mengelberg / Peter Brotzmann / Han Bennink - Live in Lovere '77


Having only the sound (when Mr. Bennink is
present), probably it's difficult to understand
what really happened on that stage :
use your imagination !

Rec. live in Lovere, Italy, on June 11th, 1977
(mix recording)

Misha Mengelberg,piano
Peter Brotzmann,alto saxophone & bass clarinet
Han Bennink,percussions,violin,bass clarinet

1. Improvisation (57:45)

Total Time 57:45


riccardo said...

lame (132 MB) :

flac (374 MB) :

Anonymous said...


kingpossum said...

I'll second Lucky--hartelijk dank. No I'm not Dutch, I just know en kleine beetje Nederlands.

It may be cliche but toss the names Mengelberg, Brotzmann and Bennink at me and I'm there. I can re-listen to anything by any of them any time and it's a new listen every time.

I've spun every Last Exit album countless dozens times and the stuff still hasn't sunk in to the point of "I know what's coming next"; and it's the same way for me for anything that any of these cats is on. Which is what I love about it.

Thanks as always,

1009 said...

Wow. Beautiful sound. Thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

i might as well point to a small project at my blog's sidebar, were i listed official icp vinyl/tape-releases with links to posts all over the blogosphere. eight pieces missing.

kinabalu said...

Thanks for the tip, Lucky. I found a long sought after Dudu Pukwana in there ...

Anonymous said...

Hi and thanks for all shared
I'm Looking for a vinyl rip of "Midwoud 77" from the same Mengelberg/Bennink duo.

It's ICP 013 if i remember well.

thanks! Giordani

Anonymous said...

giordani - you remember it well, it was #013 in the icp vinyl series. this and 5 others are still missing in my little list (see my comment above) - if you ever come across, it would be nice to point me that way!


Anonymous said...

i just received "midwood 77" by the mengelberg/bennink duo from a kind visitor, in mp3-320kb/s. will post it in a bit at the psychic hut.


mario said...

grazie e mille!

Anonymous said...

Please re up

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Please re-up. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Please re-up. Thanks

Obeah Man said...

A re-up would be great. I didn't hear this recording yet,but i assume it's essential. Missing Misha it would be a great homage ! Thx in advance.