18 April 2009

Ran Blake / Jeanne Lee - Stockholm 1966

cd rip, 320 mp3, Columbia (France)

Number 2 from I Forgot Clifford. Who would have guessed that Ran would out pace Cecil Taylor, Paul Bley, Don Pullen ? A traditionalist with avant roots, he continues to present solo records with harmonic deconstructions of standards and older tunes. His discs with Braxton, Jeanne Lee and on Hatology brought him into the free zone. Many loved the Newest Sound
Around disc with this pairing. I think the reason there were so many downloads on this one was because for many bloggers this was a new discovery. I found it in France.... Enjoy and predict the next in the top ten.

Ran Blake - piano
Jeanne Lee - vocals

Ticket to Ride
Kind a sweet
Let's go
Crystal Trip
A Taste of Honey
Night and Day
I Can Tell
Take the A train
Living up to life
A Hard Day's Night
The Girl from Ipanema
You Stepped out of a dream
I can tell more
One note samba
Stars fell on Alabama
Just Friends
Free Standards
I'll remember April
Honeysuckle Rose

Stockholm 1966



plato said...

I just wanted to make this available again. The link at http://ileoxumare.blogspot.com has expired centuries ago.

jeanne lee [1974] - conspiracy [#earthforms 1 @256]

Jeanne Lee-voc Gunter Hampel-fl,p,vib,alto cl,bcl Sam Rivers-ss,ts,fl Jack Gregg-b Steve McCall-d Perry Robinson-cl Allan Praskin-cl Mark Whitecage-alto cl Marty Cook-tb


Anonymous said...

Interesting find. If you like it, check out Ran's more recent recordings on www.ranblake.com, including his new album of solo piano, Driftwoods.

farosanderson said...

thanks very much for this.. I still remember the first time I heard Newest Sound Around..very satisfying

Anonymous said...

This is one of the great musical finds of the 21st century.
Thanks for sharing it.

ubu said...

Just a short reminder... the short Fulda live set is still active over on my blog:


There's some more Jeanne Lee there, in case - do a search!

Ran Blake's 2006 solo release "All That Is Tied" is just about to go OOP - it's totally, positively great! Carpe diem!

Rick said...

Thanks for this unusual and beautiful sound. I'm a guitarist myself. I always liked the avant garde piano of Mike Garson on David Bowie's Alladin Sane. Recently I heard Ran Blake's new album with Sara Serpa.

klakadak said...

Awesome music! Thanks a lot for both albums!

melanpyre said...

Could you please re-upload this one ?