26 April 2009

Arthur Blythe Quintet - Live in Milan '82

Probably the most curious group ever led by Blythe,
able to create a fascinating sound, perfect for his
own compositions.

Rec. live in Milan, Italy, on November 1st, 1982
(mics recording)

Arthur Blythe,alto saxophone
Kelvyn Bell,guitar
Bob Stewart,tuba
Abdul Wadud,cello
Bobby Battle,drums

1. Miss Nancy (16:29)
2. Faceless Woman (13:42)
3. Bush Baby (36:22)
4. Illusions/Break Tune #2 (17:37)

Total Time 1:24:12


riccardo said...

lame (191 MB) :

flac (543 MB) :

Here you can find another recording of this
particular group :

zebtron said...

many thanks ricardo--this was a great band that didn't record near enough

Cosmo Vitelli said...

Thank you. I love Arthur Blythe groups with tuba and cello. HIs sound is so coool

bongomccongo said...

many thanks- lovely band. i'm loving the recent arthur Blythe posts, but this line up of instruments is my fave Blythe. thanks

noteworthy said...

I love the Montreal concert, and I'm sure I'll love this. Thank you.

Alec said...

Thank you once again, riccardo!

gerireig said...

I love every one of these musicians. Promising lineup. Thanks again!

HBug said...

Thanks, this looks great!

Art Simon said...

Very, very cool! Thanks, lovely stuff!

cacau said...

Can anyone help me? Haven't had any luck with flac or lame ... is there any easier way ... would love to access Blythe in Milan and Montreal

Jon said...

Many thanks. I'm sure I will enjoy this as much as the Montreal and Newport recordings.


Lotsofammons said...

Any chance this could get re-uploaded?

francisco santos said...

re post, please...