24 January 2009


I just got here, more or less and am shocked. At first I misunderstood that Sotise had died (glad to see I was wrong). I don't know you folks personally or even in the blogosphere really so I am a bit at a loss as to what to think of all this. I was getting my Maarten Altonen ready but now feel less inclined to go on with it as some key figures are leaving.
I think part of the problem is certainly the anonymity of the net (sort of like being in a car, shielded from everyone you can feel untouchable hence act like an asshole). I would've hoped a common love and respect of the music had attracted a different caliber of person. Maybe I was naieve.
I'm sorry to see you (two) go as I just started my own blog though I too will probably weary of it as well. I notice the same tendency- namely- hit and run. One, two comments, 80 downloads. Maybe there's just so much to download people are in a rush to grab the next free album.... makes me wonder how much they really LISTEN to the music.
I am sorry to see such luminaries go. I am sorry to see such nastiness in evidence as well. As a paramedic of 20+ years I have seen the worst of people (and also the best from time to time) but I didn't expect it here.
I wish all who are departing well. I hope to see your moniker in a comment section from time to time.
Be well.



freeisafourletterword said...

I am flabbergasted by the recent comment drama on this blog.

I thought the idea was the sharing of music. I would have thought that introducing a hundred people to an obscure, out-of-print album would be gratifying enough?

If we are going to get into the idea of giving 'thanks', we need to write some letters and send some money to the forgotten artists who gave birth to the very sounds people are fighting over.

You want thanks for uploading a vinyl rip of something? How about thanking the ARTIST who made the whole idea of music sharing a possibility in the first place? If anyone deserves thanks, they are at the front of the line.

Michael Griener said...
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Anonymous said...


Stop this goddamn sniping.


Now lets get on with spreading the jazz luuuuurve around....

Anonymous said...

I agree with 'freeisafourletterword'. What a bunch of whiners around here! I've downloaded one exactly item here (Don Pullen Qt.) and left a thanks (along with a lengthy post on the shortsightedness of comparing "The Don" with Cecil Taylor). Anyway, I'm not privy to the arguments going on at this blog, having just arrived here recently, but man oh man, it seems there's (mostly) a bunch of prima donnas with entitlement issues doing the posting around here. (I'm just glad i don't like 'jazz' that doesn't 'swing' so i haven't had to download all this European so-called 'jazz' that is either free-form 'noise' or boring ECM 'chamber-jazz' type stuff.) Sorry for this rant, back to listening to Lucky Thompson, Milt Jackson, Hank Mobley, Oscar Pettiford, Kenny Clarke, Bobby Timmons, Art Blakey (before the terrible unswinging Wayne Shorter joined), Kenny Dorham, Doug Watkins, Hank Jones, Philly Joe Jones, Connie Kay, etc., for me. Good Night!

jazzme said...

I have left lots of comments in the past and enjoyed the insights of others and I also have posted some pretty decent oop cds elsewhere myself I don't do it for comments or for any other reason than to try to get the music out to other people . It sounds like this blog is ( or has ) run it's course , it has lost some major players that made it worthwhile , I got into it early last year with someone over a post on a blog that turned into stupidity like some of the statements made here , it is about getting music to be heard people , not worrying about who leaves what comment or what they have to say if it is this bothersome disable the comments or disable so no Anonymous comments cannot be made , it is a shame there are this many people leaving I for one will miss their posts , personally I think they are the best on this blog up to date

1009 said...

I like stuff that swingz. Other stuff is stoopid like noize. 'sides we want to hear more about the German jazz musician. I just got here & don't know much but I know everything about swingz & as I have previously stated it is the shiz, for realz, ya heard?

Gee whiz! Get hip!

gilhodges said...

Even though there may be a paucity of appreciative comments, keep in mind that the ripples you set in motion on this here pond will continue rippling long after each post is buried and forgotten. This may not be immediately obvious, but the good vibes, once set in motion, stay in motion.

For instance, many of the marvelous documents shared here get downloaded then played on the radio, which is also streamed around the globe (and archived for posterity). So one small but mighty act of generosity here gets passed along in ever widening concentric circles of love and kindness.

Fear not, Inconstant Souls!

kinabalu said...

I fear not, gil (but you knew that) ...

archer said...

think about what has happened here.

one or more emotionally unbalanced persons, commenting under multiple names (including mine), regarding some ridiculous drama that no one gives a damn about, and two participants here retire as result. now, tell me how that makes any kind of sense?

seems to me that it should be understood that when you have a picnic, ants and flies are part of the deal. so, how bout we get back to enjoying the barbecue.

1009, your excellent comment cracked me up.

brown beard said...

I would reiterate the "rippling" effect of the music posted on this site. Thank you all for the work you've put into this blog. I (and many others) appreciate the shit out of it!