26 January 2009

Dave Liebman Quartet

Dave Liebman Quartet
Recorded: Jan. 11, 2008
Venue: The Rex Hotel, Toronto, ON

Saxophonist Dave Liebman is probably best known for spending the 1970s playing on trumpeter Miles Davis' albums "On the Corner", "Big Fun", "Dark Magus" and "Get Up With It". He's also toured and recorded with pianist Chick Corea.

Dave Liebman's solo career continues to flourish and, together with his former student - Canadian jazz saxophone icon Mike Murley - Liebman leads a quartet including bassist Jim Vivian and drummer Ian Froman in this dynamic set recorded at The Rex in Toronto during the 2008 I.A.J.E. conference.

1 [introduction & applause] 0:26
2 Day And Night Dave Liebman (composer) 18:38
3 That's What You Want Mike Murley (composer) 14:35
4 Off A Bird Dave Liebman (composer) 12:22
5 Nadir Dave Liebman (composer) 8:25
6 Get Me Back To The Apple Dave Liebman (composer) 7:00

* Dave Liebman - saxophone
* Mike Murley - saxophone
* Jim Vivian - bass
* Ian Froman - drums


gsrbrts2 said...

MP3 320


gsrbrts2 said...



Wallofsound said...

Thanks gsrbrts2. I'm in Toronto during the summer. I hope I'll find music as good as this on my visit!

mrG said...

thanks for the post; much appreciated by those of us who live far from any venue likely to see the likes of a Dave Leibman before he turns 90 ;)

for those who may not already know, Dave Leibman has an excellent newsletter/blog

jazzme said...

Wallsofsound let me know how to get in touch with you I know the scene in Toronto as I live very close places people and venues and can share info with you , prefer not to do it on a public forum . Steve

wall said...

jazzme you can email me at wallofsoundic at googlemail dot com

sotise said...

I've just heard from Serviceton, a personal friend of mine that you censored one of his comments on the Dewey Redman post,(by removing it) now i know that i've washed my hands of this blog..and therefore have absolutely no bearing on its new direction(s), but that action makes a mockery of the stop internet censorship logo , why not remove it?

Also i have to tell you ..that i find your comment(in response to his) about out of print material on that same post somewhat disingenuous... when i invited you and all others to post it was TACITLY agreed upon that the purpose of THIS blog was to introduce to people unpublished and oop material, occasionaly mistakes were made its true... and they were left uncorrected.

i remember also expressing the notion that i wanted to do it that way not for moralistic reasons ..but because i personnaly found it much more fun to discover/unearth oop material.
be that as it may , seviceton feels differently ...and we all have differently nuanced views on that issue..each to his own, but lets not pretend that ,those original intentions never existed.

cheers and goodluck

mrG said...

sotise, far be it from me to tell you how and when and where to comment, but I am nearly certain this Dave Liebman concert is within the "unpublished and oop" criteria.

Did I miss something? Or is this a thread that belongs elsewhere?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this - definitely another artist I want to explore.

BUT: the mp3s are OK but the flacs seem to be unobtainable?

Yay Inconstant Sol!
The Jazz-sol of the internet!

Anonymous said...

Hello from Greece.
Many many thanks for this recording.
I'm so grateful for your offer.


duck said...

This made a friend happy, he attended the same concert. absolute thanks, I am finding some gems.