20 January 2009

Cecil Taylor Ensemble, Nickelsdorf Konfrontationen; July, 1993

Here’s a great concert from the Cecil Taylor Ensemble from the '93 Konfrontationen.

Cecil Taylor (piano, voice) 
Charles Gayle (tenor sax) 
Harri Sjöström (soprano sax) 
Tristan Honsinger (cello) 
Reginald Workman (bass) 
Rashid Bakr (drums, percussion)

Improvisation - 1.09.43

Jazzgalerie, Festival Konfrontationen
18th July, 1993

This is wonderful music, and seems to me to carry on the line from Sunny Murray and François Tusques that has already been covered on this blog so well by Pierre and sotise, and which has been inspirational for me. I hope you all enjoy this, and many thanks to Owombat who made the original recording. 

In passing, I’d also like to say that this will be my last post on this blog. I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn so much about music that I wasn’t aware of before, and I have felt a bond of sorts with sotise and the other posters and contributors, some of whom have become friends. There was no blog committee, and no rules, which was refreshing and enjoyable and I hope that my posts weren't too out of kilter with the general direction of this blog. It would have been good to have had a few more comments from those who download the music – it’s a bit odd to see downloads stretch towards the thousand mark, and to have only 8 or 9 comments – but not to worry. After all I’m also guilty of downloading with the intent of listening, only to build up a backlog that leaves me not knowing at times where to start. That’s one of my reasons for leaving – so that I can listen to less music more often and more carefully. A second reason is that I would like to spend more time on my photography.
Cheers – enjoy the music and perhaps we’ll meet again somewhere sometime.


Tantris said...



jazzme said...

Tantris , is there any chance of an mp3 of this ? thanks Steve

Anonymous said...

wow, i am very excited to hear this. Always a Pleasure has been one of my favorite Cecil albums for years, so I thank you so much for this. I'd love to get an mp3 of this concert if that's possible though.


serviceton said...

Tantris - "listen to less music more often and more carefully" - amen! I fully concur.

As the river of music available grow and grows, washing over us, there's only so much you can take in without all of it - by necessity - *meaning less* ...
A heretical view (most will not agree that a profligate over-abundance of music, art , anything -is anything other than a desirable situation) - but in my view, a sadly true one all the same.
Your 'angle' and musical interests have been refreshing, on occasion challenging (a *good* thing), and your posts always worth paying attention to.
For my money, one of the reasons Sol has been such a great go-to point for all this time, has been the different, yet complementary approaches of yourself, sotise, kinabalu, boromir (& Pierre back when he posted regularly, WoS more recently).
The way everyone's coming from a slightly different space, with areas of both confluence and divergence becomes a real strength, and keeps it interesting.
Your posts weren't 'out of kilter' at all - they have been part of 'the fabric' of what has made inconstant sol such an incredible musical epicenter these last couple of years. So thank you.
It'd be great to see you around in some place, some time, in the future. good luck!

serviceton said...

No matter what operating system you are running on your computer, you can turn these FLAC files into MP3s (if MP3s are what you want) yourself, with *free software*.
It's important to know this.
To ask someone else, who's just gone to a shitload of trouble, to do it for you, then upload, then post links, is "a big ask".
It's like meeting a friend at a cafe and (s)he gives you a rare old vinyl LP of your kind of music that totally unobtainable. And you hand it back saying, "yeah but take it back and tape it for me"..
Only you're not asking a friend, but a stranger.

Other thing you should know is that You Can Play FLAC On Your Computer (again, no matter what operating system you are running). If this is news to you, get Foobar, get Songbird, get on google and look at the numerous other options available for multi-format music players.
Folk complain though that "I don't like to run 2 music players", "Can't put FLAC on my iPod" or whatever. That's valid and fine for the individual and their sense of organization and convenience.
It's *not fine* to expect someone else (who's already offering you a lot of their time, effort and labour - for free) to do your digital housekeeping for you.

jazzme, nothing personal.
anonymous, can't be personal can it?

Oh - and as I have this concert already, I already know that it's a ball-tearer. So - great post!
Download it, listen to it, then - even if you feel a bit odd or that you might look foolish, or whatever.. - click that little link that says Post a Comment.
And don't try to piss in Tantris' pocket as I have done - say something about the music - anything at all about the music.
Then maybe look at the dozens and dozens of incredible slices of musical excellence that sotise and Boromir have posted that are sitting on your hard drive. And kinabalu, nad3170, Wallofsound. The great stuff LYM is posting at the moment.....
and Post a Comment. By way of tribute.
And respec' ..

alternatively, do whatever the hell you want.
Address from Headmaster Serviceton ends here

jazzme said...

Serviceton I run linux so everything I need is free and comes with the operating system , even downloading streams . I just don't have the bandwidth to deal with these flac files this time around , normally I just download and convert them .

jazzme said...

Oh if anyone is interested I have a couple of Frode Gjerstad OOP cds uploaded let me know if you want the links I can put them in the next posts comment section

jazzme said...

I remembered where I put them they are here http://nightofthepurplemoon.blogspot.com/ , there are two Gjerstad's and also Cecil Taylor Student Studies http://nightofthepurplemoon.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

bravo, very nice -thesuperfreak

Tantris said...

Thanks Serviceton - I really appreciate your comments. I won't have time to do an mp3, but perhaps someone in the 40 downloads so far could do so.

Anonymous said...

hi tantris,
bad news to see you part, but you will stick to dime, alright?
in any case: thanks for all the fine uploads here and there, greatly appreciated.

on the blog:
one of my favourites, so, its sad to see it sort of diffunding - though i completely understand and respect everyones motivation.

on the music:
get it! it´s great! i was physically present at this concert and taped (another version?) of it myself.
but: why you want to listen to mp3 of worse quality, if you can get the real thing? this i don´t get.



htakat said...

really appreciate your work here on this great blog ,so thanks once again and i can understand about the reasons that you leave from this blog its really bad news but we are continue as photographers :-)

Anonymous said...

tantris, boromir and now sotise! jeepers...

jazzme said...

Tantris my billing came so I start fresh with band witdth this is a good show . To bad the three of you are leaving ,

kinabalu said...

The thousand mark??? Jeez, what have I been doing wrong? I'm not anywhere near that. Well, I did make it beyond thousand on the C#9 blog, but I'm suspicious of the DivShare counting method. I do think RapidShare is more accurate.

Thanks for having you onboard, Tantris. I might do a bit of dabbling in photography, as the cell phone has a camera, but for domestic use only. My wife is a much better photographer than I am, honestly.

kinabalu said...

On media players, may I throw in a recommendation for the VLC media player (since it was discussed above)? It's cross-platform (yes, Linux, too)and handles a multitude of video and audio formats.

Get it from here:


On Linux, we might set up a little Linux group in the office. I've got a memory stick with Linux OS on it from the IT guy for testing out. Officially we're on a Windows platform.

kinabalu said...

jazz me,

I do know Frode Gjerstad personally. He's my main source of Frode Gjerstad records. I will have some old oop Gjerstad up here when I eventually get round to it.

roberto t. said...

"take it back and tape it for me..." Serviceton, that was an excellent metaphoric image. I have always felt uneasy each time I read a request for mp3 to somebody who bothered to upload in flac. I really don't know how to call that, maybe insensibility. I want to give an advice to these people. Try to write three letters on your pc : Vlc. With a few other finger movements you may download a program good for listening to flac, wav, videos and all the rest. So you may listen to flacs before you decide to convert them in much poorer files. Music lovers yuh?... I have my doubts...

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much.


Anonymous said...

I can convert flacs fine, but every Flac file I have downloaded from here has been corrupted and won't open.
MP3s are also faster to DL.
I'd love to hear this one!!!

Heath Watts said...

Any chance that you could repost this, Tantris? I'm getting a file not found message at rapidshare.