19 January 2009

..and it's goodbye from me (boromir).

I realise you're all still in mourning for the passing on of sotise, but I feel it's an appropriate time to announce my decision to cease activities on this blog. Sotise's departure has not caused my decision, but it perhaps has accelerated it a little, I have been pondering it for some time.

I don't have the same issues as sotise. Whilst I don't like the back-stabbing and innuendos that sotise mentioned, I am not so sensitive about them. It's not nearly as bad as a lifetime of infighting and jealousies at work, as I'm sure many of you will testify. Having said that JR's attack on centrifuge was most distasteful.

My issue is the common one among bloggers - a feeling of being taken for granted. The level of feedback on posts is really quite pathetic. I reckon about 95% of downloaders here are simply taking without so much as a word of thanks. The majority of people who do leave an acknowledgement are themselves contributors to this or other sites. After getting on for 2 years of this I've had enough. Music and blogging for me is not a passion, merely a pastime.

Thanks to those precious few who have commented. To the rest... well, nevermind. I wish the blog much success in the future.


mrG said...

fare thee well good boromir.

but I did want to say just one thing not only to you, but for other bloggers who may come across this: do not blog for fame, acceptance or contact, blog only because you must. No other answer makes sense.

People lurk not out of their personal greed, but because they have nothing to add; after 400 years of being told "only experts should write" they believe nothing they could say could add anything of value to the page. So they don't. I meet people all the time who say, "I love your blog, I've read everything you ever wrote" which I do doubt but nonetheless I ask, "then why don't you ANSWER?" and I never get an answer.

I figure the only way to get responses on a blog is to choose a really flame-bait topic, or to turn off the spam filters, and both are about as useful. Of those who do comment, I welcome and encourage some of them, a rare few I treasure as friends, and the odd one I will bait and insult until they leave me alone ;)

Wallofsound said...

I'm just as sorry to see you go, boromir. I've found it hard to post regularly myself in the last few months. You are certainly right about the take and not contribute state-of-affairs, but I've been so delighted to feel part of a community of music enthusiasts I've never been so worried about those who silently dl.

Thank you again for all the wonderful music you have shared, and I hope you'll want to share some more in the future, here or elsewhere.

Dreddie Mercury said...

Sorry, Boromir - it's an occupational hazard of blogging. I've downloaded a couple of things, so imagine this as a belated thank you for leading me to some new music, and good luck!

Anonymous said...

speaking for myself (one of i guess many a-holes), thank you for sticking around as long as you have.
(hoping that late is better than never).

serviceton said...

I doff my hat.
In your direction.
and thanks.

B.W. Blackwell said...

Like others above have said, there are many out here in space who truly appreciate your efforts. Exposing people to great music unknown to them, or making things available to those passionate about it, what could be finer?
A belated thanks and all the best.


Bombshelter Slim said...

It seems a shame that bloggers with always interesting (if not exquisite!) musical taste choose to no longer continue. You will ALL be missed....

Paul said...

A friend made me aware of music blogs some weeks ago, and I have found wonderful music here. Thank you a lot for broadening my horizon.

To give back and to share my enthusiasm for a band I came here today to look for some kind of contact information. I made an audience recording of Buffalo Collision
(on tour right now, see dats here: http://screwgunrecords.com/page_b.php?pageid=concerts ).
As I am quite new to music blogs I don't know how to proceed now to make this recording available to you.

This might be both the wrong place and wrong time to write this and if this is the case I do apologize, but I'd love to let you hear this music (and see them live on tour).

Boromir, thank you for the time and effort put into your posts, I appreciate them.

sunship said...

Thank you Boromir for all the goodies. I have not always been polite and said thank you, but your efforts are much appreciated.

archer said...

there are quite a few sites run by folks who care so little about thanks, feedback, and such that they have not enabled comments.

there are others, such as yourself, who have sensitivity to the lack of comments.

somewhere in the middle are those who understand and accept that some of the less pleasant realities of human nature most times will out number the more positive when free choice is in effect, and they will be grateful for the few, indifferent to the many, and carry on regardless.

i mean this not as a criticism, rather as a point to consider, and as i told sotise, thanks bigtime for everything to this point.

kinabalu said...

Sorry to see you go, Boromir, but in terms of responsiveness from users, I don't think this blog is doing too badly. I would hazard the hypothesis that we're probably above the average with comments often reaching into the double digits and in some cases going into the 30s and in one case above 40. Checking the postings over the last two years, the average has been on the increase as more people have got to know about the blog, so I think it's fair to say that we do have a core group which is slowly and steadily growing. Back in the early days of Sotise and Flux'us, comments rarely made it over 10, so all in all, things have been improving over the time span.

I do think the main motivation for doing this kind of thing is personal and based on a desire to spread the gospel, so to speak, to communicate one's personal musical pleasures and if someone out there likes it enough to grab it, fine, and to respond, even better.

Anyhow, I do plan to carry on at my own leisurely pace, but there has been too much to do out there in the real world to find time to get down to the business of digitising, uploading and what not.

Do give it a rethink and a tip of the fedora for your generous contributions up to now.

folly for to see what said...

Hi Boromir,
First Sotise and now you…
All have been said on the comments above.
MANY THANKS for all your work here.

We'll wait the sun rise, maybe someday…

Hope to see you soon!

anoneponymous said...

I sill miss C#9, and now... Sorry to see you leaving this space. Thanks for all of the music you've shared, great appreciations.

El Vox said...

hate to hear you and sotie are leaving, I just found this blog and it's awful darn nice, so thanks for whatever you contributed, and fare thee well, find creativity in whatever you do, and good luck