19 December 2008

Creative Construction Company -vol 1(muse lp, mr 5071)

Here's vol 1 ..of this classic concert ...flac only, mp3's are available at the 'nine sisters' blog(see links)

side A-
Muhal part 1
side B
Muhal part 2

personnel as per vol 2..see below


sotise said...

ccc 1 flac

Jazzme said...

Here's a OOP Gjerstad disc - Frode Gjerstad - Last First -http://www.mediafire.com/file/gw3nnm4zjdy/Last First.zip

cinq said...

sotise, many thanks for the ccc posts... i haven't listened to the records yet, but read a bit about ccc at the destination-out, and was quite intrigued. i hope this is a good place to start with braxton... i read that there are a number of recommendations for "entry" braxton albums, and all of them different. so i figured here is a good place to start. i also grabbed the dvd of braxton in jazzaldia (the write was very inviting!)

sotise said...

here's A re-up of these same files
by someone else
(flac + cover scans)

thanks GR!

daniel said...

well well well
it's me again
[i had lost my Wadada's files]

any links for this one guys??

thanks a lot

kinabalu said...
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James Manion said...

Thank you kinabalu, nice big surprise{

jeff said...

kinabalu, big thanks for re-upping these two albums!!! I'm from Chicago originally, and a big AACM fan. But these 2 are new to me. Can't wait to listen to these this evening!!! Also thanks to Sotise for originally posting.

DW said...

sotise, kinabalu, thanks, again!!

kinabalu said...

New link:


francisco santos said...


Paul Woods said...

Like Jeff, I'm a huge AACM listener and fan but this is truly something else

Thank you Paul,

Ilario Rozen said...

Hi Mr. Kinabalu
you are very very great
many thanks