11 July 2008

TTT featuring A.R. Penck "Catch the dollar" (unknown date, MPO LP-BB 13/UTOPIA) FLAC & MP3-320

Part two of our Penck series, this time featuring Frank Wright & Butch Morris. Info from Rick Lopez's discography :

TTT featuring A.R. Penck: New York, New York [Catch The Dollar]

music corporation MPO LP-BB 13/UTOPIA (LP)

Date ? / Venue ?
  1. New York, New York!!
  2. Catch the dollar!
  3. Proof and search!
Frank Wright (sax; vocals)
Butch Morris (cornet)
Frank Wollny (guitar)
Heinz Wollny (bass)
A.R. Penck (drums, Cover Art)
[Butch Morris also erroneously credited w/ "sax and vocal" at www.avantgart.com/Schall-Penck.htm]


nad3170 said...


MP3-320 :

Thanks again to A. for the rip & scans.

Enjoy !

serviceton said...

Pierre - many thanks for this AND the previous.
Waiting with baited breath to see how far (& where!) this Penck series goes.

htakat said...

Many thanks for this amazing music

Wallofsound said...

Penck is new to me, but the band is great. Really enjoyed this, and the earlier post. Thanks for sharing.

Boromir said...

Thanks for these two Penck's posts. About a year ago I downloaded a concert from dime, which was a trio of Wright, Penck and Frank Wollny. It was a boot, recorded in March 1990 (2 months before Wright's death so may be the last gig he ever played). It took place at a modern art gallery in Germany where Penck was holding an exhibition of his work.
It shows though that there was a fairly long connection between Wright and Penck.
The quality of the recording is quite poor, and there is a lot of chatter going on (most of the people had come to see the paintings not listen to the band). If anyone desperately wants to hear it I'll post it

Anonymous said...

Thanks, gentlemen. I've honestly never understood the media fascination with this fellow "A.R. Penck", real name Ralf Winkler, and the related "underground hero" reputation which has been granted him courtesy of his East-German origins and the anti-establishment role he adopted in his youth. He was an average-to-good painter in the 60's and 70's who, by his own admission, fooled around on the drums. And it shows. His rhythm is sloppy, his four-limbed independence as a drummer is non-existent, and he has little clue where the beat lies. Invariably he plays behind it. He gives the music no lift, no pulse or momentum. He simply clatters along in his own sweet way. And his piano playing is perfectly forgettable. Luckily, he was often found in the company of the two Wollnys and Frank Wright, who inevitably managed to make some good music around him.

Sorry if I'm stepping on someone's sacred cow. I have a half-dozen of Winkler's recordings, but to my ears this guy is simply out of it musically.

nad3170 said...

Serviceton, the series will not go too far for the moment, we have five titles in total to post. We will probably do a "Penck pt. 2" in the future as I am in contact with someone who should be able to provide more.

Boromir, feel free to post the gig. I'm sure some people would appreciate as unreleased Wright is not very common.

Glmlr, honestly I know nothing about Penck/Winkler, probably because I know nothing about painting or the art world in general. What pushed me in his direction is of course that fact that he colabored with great free players. I'm still curious to know how he came to record that much with them, would you happen to know ? Could be a money thing ... If you know more about the Wollny brothers I'd happy to know also.
Regarding the music, it's nothing incredible but it's still quite enjoyable. To my ears the sessions lack a real sense of direction but still manage to create some interesting atmospheres. Of course nobody should download them thinking they're gonna get the next Spiritual Unity :).

The main idea behind posting those Penck LPs was to share music that is not easily available so that everyone could make their own opinion. What are the other titles you got Glmlr ? If it's not too much trouble and if they are not the same that I've got could you rip them ?


kinabalu said...


I have the Ulm 1990 concert pretty much ready to go, so no need to do another upload ...

sotise said...

p, thanks for this and the previous volume .. ive enjoyed both immensely despite my intial reservations about pencks own contributions.

penck was making alot of money at the time these recordings were made , neo expressionism was briefly canonized by the art establishment ,and became flavour of the decade.

i dont doubt that these are vanity recordings, penck sought out some of his heroes and paid to play with them simple as that.

Anonymous said...

nad3170 - Pierre: In addition to the two posts here, plus the Ulm concert which Boromir has now posted, all I have is "Live Konzert Basel", "Be Cool in Munich pt 2" and "Aspects of the NY NY NY Situation", a 2LP.

In all honesty, I'm in no great mood to post them, simply because I feel they're pretty awful music. (Despite the presence of Frank Wright on "Aspects ..." Frank Lowe plays on the other two). So please don't feel you're missing anything.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - I meant "Kinabalu has now posted ... ". Boromir almost did!

serviceton said...

.. and glmlr suggested: "But the artistically-endorsed emperor (tm) - is wearing *no clothes*!!!"
This bit - "his four-limbed independence as a drummer is non-existent" certainly rings true, from my listening.. :o)

But the Frank Lowe material? - the Billy Bang material? -
... was where i was hoping the 'Penck Series' stretched to..
On paper, Be Cool in Munich looks great too .

I think i'd defer to glmlr's opinion though on this stuff - if he has the records but reckons they're pretty average, well.. even at the MOST extreme position - you can't force him to upload them can you?

Oh alright, you *can* (and I've made some preliminary secret plans) - but various rather strict laws have to be broken first..

kinabalu said...

I would certainly be interested in the "Aspects", as it's one conspicuously missing item in my Frank Wright collection.

Anonymous said...

Serviceton / Kinabalu: Oh dear! I seem to have got myself into a murky corner! "Preliminary secret plans"?! I tremble at the thought of what dark deeds might follow the "preliminary"!

Perhaps I can fend off the dark forces by mentioning that my principal plot for the near future was to de-penck everyone by following up the recent Circle Hamburg Concert post with a further three Circle posts, perhaps four. All vinyl rips are done, I simply need to find some time to write up something hopefully useful, informative, fun and intelligent about them.

Are you now de-pencked? Pray the gods!

nad3170 said...

Glmlr, since you invoke mercy there will be no retaliation. Just follow that link to see what you escaped from :
The keys were about to be mailed out to your house :).

Sotise, I guess your explanation is the right one. This is what it looks like anyway. (Sorry for not responding to your last mail by the way, I decided for once to use my time posting on IC than for catching up with my late mail. Expect an answer soon!)


Anonymous said...

Pierre: Magnificent! How could you or Penck have possibly known that I do indeed drive a red BMW - not a car, a motorcycle.

I promise to hold the dark powers at bay! There will be good sounds coming here, as always, thanks to our gracious and sagacious host, Sotise.

Now let's all be sensible fellows and enjoy Penck's paintings and forget all his other stuff.

sjc said...

someone please re upload this

Vanderbrötz said...

Can you reupload please

kinabalu said...

New link:


kinabalu said...

Listening to it again, it's as clear as before that Mr. Penck is pretty much out of it. But the others are doing a fine job.

francisco santos said...


Vanderbrötz said...

Thank you very much

Nargile57 said...

Wonderful sounds - thank you!