21 May 2008

Noah Howard -live at the village vanguard 1972 FLAC, Rashied Ali- den haag 19th of august 2006 (mp2)

heres a favourite, which i promised to brent/1oo9 a few weeks ago before moving.
this was uploaded @192 some ways back last year at ch#9...
and if anyone is interested in the mp3 rip its in the comments to an earlier post of N.H's ole.
im not quite sure of the historical status of this release this ..bootleggy reissue which i bought on line a few years ago, appears to have been a cd r only release, its a marvelous concert and is undoubtedly one of noah howards stronger records.
i wont waffle... im just about to travel to melbourne interstate , to play a few gigs with some friends and so will be absent again for a few weeks to come.
thanks to T ,for the use of his scanner( mine is broken)
while i'm at it heres something i uploaded 6 weeks ago but havent got around to posting.
one of the most impressive concerts ive heard from dime.. both in terms of sound and performance quality..
Rashid Ali QuintetPure Jazz Fest, Nieuwe Kerk, Den Haag/NL, 19th August 2006 (MP2)
Rashid Ali-dr,Lawrence Clark-reeds,
Jumaane Smith-tpGreg Murphy-p
Joris Teepe- b
01 Sky Refrain.mp2 15:1202 You're Reading My Mind.mp2 07:2803 Big Bush.mp2 19:5104 Multi Kulti.mp2 05:4105 Cherokee.mp2 25:10
TT: 1:13:22
source: DVB-S@256, 48kHz > raw data > ProjextX > mp3DirectCut > mp2 (lossy recording seeded in its original broadcast codec)
thanks to the original seeder/ taper and traders


sotise said...




1009 said...

thanks a lot, sotise! have fun at the shows -- don't hurt nobody!

Tantris said...

hi sotise - thanks for this which I will queue up for this weekend. I hope that your house move went well - and can we have a recording of one of your gigs on here?

zero said...

Killer post, sotise! These are in the queue for the next RS session.

Glad to know you survived your move and are together enough to hit the road. Knock 'em out!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the NH, Sotise. I didn't know this even existed.

sambeck2001 said...

Thank you, sotise,

I'm not a real fan, but i like Noah Howard very much.


yourbrain said...

Very thanks for this takes. I'm Rashied Ali's fan. I wait very long for something with him. Have you another material with him?

hideo said...

beLATEd thanks for these ... hope your move went well!

sotise said...

hi hideo
nice to hear from you again...move went ok..though its still far from complete...still havent dragged in the ton of lps ..and some furniture.


Anonymous said...

hi there
could you please fix the link to the flac files ?
thanks a lot

Bob said...

Please sotise, can you re-up this?

Anonymous said...

over a year later and another ask for re-up PLEASE !!!

kinabalu said...

New link for Noah Howard:


kinabalu said...

New link for Rashied Ali:


francisco santos said...

BIG THX !...