21 April 2008

Skidmore, Oxley, Haurand - SOH (1979)

Here's a terrific post from glmlr's vinyl collection. Many thanks to him for allowing us to enjoy this rare LP.


Alan Skidmore - Tony Oxley - Ali Haurand
Ego 4011 LP
Recorded Ludwigsburg
February 1979

Skidmore Alan, tenor, soprano
Haurand Ali, bass
Oxley Tony, drums, percussion.

A1 - One - Two - Free
B1 - Das Ist Alice
B2 - Trio nr. 10
B3 - Lost in W. G.

There are far too few Alan Skidmore recordings available. This one, long since unobtainable, is one of the best I've heard. For most of the tracks, Skidmore is in unashameably Coltrane mode, and nobody does it better than him. Curiously, as a contrast, the track "Trio nr. 10" sounds more like Evan Parker. I have my doubts about that track, but it's only short, and the rest of the tracks more than make up for it.

Glmlr informs me:-
"By complete coincidence, the latest issue of Cadence magazine contains a review of a newly-released SOH recording, called "Live in London" on the Jazzwerkstatt label, number 16, recorded in 1983."

That I believe is the only other recording the trio made, so if you can track it down you can have their entire recorded works.

Links in comments. Flac and MP3.


Boromir said...

MP3 (VBR high quality)




Sorry just realised I haven't uploaded the 3rd part of the flac. I'll do it now and leave link later.

Boromir said...

Flac part 3 link


Anonymous said...

Hi Boromir

What a fantastic album! Thanks for the post.

Just one thing, the FLAC part 3 is truncated so that track 4 doesn't unzip (unrar?). Any chance of a re-up?

Mr Weird

drhotte said...

Hi Boromir,

This SOH-Vinyl is also in my collection.

But there is one other Live Recording from SOH. I have an old cassette tape from a record called SOH Live recorded in Neuss (Germany) 1981, which I had recorded from another student at University of Hamburg in the '80. The sound quality is to bad for posting it.
And I remember that there must be a FM-Broadcast recording from the Jazz Festival at Fabrik in Hamburg dated Oct. 1981 or 1982, 'cause NDR (North-German-Radiobroadcast) had recorded the complete Festivals at this time. The only Time I saw this group.


Boromir said...

Rapidshare reports the flac part 3 as 93370KB, which is exactly the size of the rar file. PLease check how much you downloaded. Anyone else having a problem with the flac ?

Thanks for the info. Is that Neuss tape really too bad to listen to, even at a low bit rate ? I'd like to hear it even if it is poor sound quality.

dalemcbdnl said...

SOH rare. Here in the US at least.
AND SOH nice have a copy at last.

Thanks boromir and glmlr. A lulu.


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for this. SOH live was released on View VS 0018. Some SOH tapes along with tapes of other Oxley sessions including Ichnos rehearsals were recently sold on E-Bay. Lets hope some of that material is released in due course.

joesh said...

Hi Boromir

Any chance of re-posting this Alan Skidmore. The MP3 version has some sort of bug in it (on the first track) and of course the original FLAC files are no longer on Rapid share .....help!!

Great stuff you have here, thanks.

nothing but jazz&blues said...

A1 Jack Knife
A2 Lantern Wood
A3 One On One Off
B1 T.C.B.
B2 Walk In and Dance Out
B3 A.J.
B4 And Think Again

u realize that upload is missing???
ty if u fix it up.

miloo2 said...

hi all, i have realised existence of a bunch of Skidmore almums from late 70's / early 80's when searching for cover and info about Skidmore/Dudek/Roidinger/Kovacev (or European Jazz Consensus, as stated in Alan's discography on his website) "Morning Rise" (Ego 4006). Info with covers pics is on japanese site http://chisesoeno.com/blog/2009/11/20091121.html --- anyway, there are two S.O.H. albums plus Live In London mentioned in Skidmore & Thrird Eye Comments. Morning Rise vinyl rip in mp3@320 I found on Russian torrent web rutracker.org and can try to post it here, if anybody interested.

pedda said...

hi i have the original vinyl lp interested?

Anonymous said...

ceratinly interested all alans albums. pls.

hxlf_nxxsx said...

Would a reup be possible? It would be much appreciated.

Andy said...

Please note. 'The EGO recordings of Leszek Zadlo and Alan Skidmore', a 4 cd set, was released earlier this year on Organic Music. And very good it is too!

cs said...

any chance for a re-up of the oxley album?

cs said...